How to get more traffic to your crafts blog

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You work hard on your crafts, and you started a blog, to share your crafts to the world, but it happens you get only a few visits every day, at this point, you might ask yourself (and sometimes I do it), what I could do to get more traffic to my blog.

Well, there are so many post on blogs about this subject, and it’s amazing how many good ideas you can find on every blog post. I could write down a list of those post, it will take sometime to read them all, and I’m sure you will find many good ideas, and they will help you to get more traffic to your blog.

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As we are crafters, the most important point on our blogs to get more traffic, would be great pictures, nothing better than a good image of a craft. It will speak by it self.

  • Take your time to get good pictures.
  • Study your house or studio to see what windows make the best light, nothing like natural light.
  • There are good online courses to learn how to take good pictures, I have taken the Super Star with Jackie Rueda, (in Spanish),  in English you can find many good coursed to learn more about photography in, you can also visit Red Brolly blog, you will find there good tutorials about how to photograph your crafts.


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Write great content, people look for great blogs post,

  • Once again, take your time to write good content about your crafts in your blog,
  • Tell a good story about how and why you create your crafts
  • If you share tutorials, make them easy to follow
  • People love to see great crafts and get free patterns to make them, I know, our business in on sale our crafts, but when you make some crafts to give a free pattern to your visitors, it’s a good way to get regular visitors, and in one moment they will get interested on buying from you.
  • Be constant on your blog entries, don’t write one blog post and come back with a new one in three months or six.             Once people find you, and fall in love with your crafts, they want to see more from you.
  • Crafts are always good to follow the seasons, nothing better than work on new crafts for the next season. Plan your blog post on the seasons. I’m sure people will be interested on what are you going to have new for next Christmas. Make your plans with time, and post about your patterns (if your business is selling crafts patterns) have them on time for your clients, they need enough time to work on them.


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Share your post, get social, be ready to talk about your crafts.

  • Facebook, keep your Facebook account for your personal life, but get a Facebook Fan Page for your blog and your products, post on it regularly, post good photos, ask questions to your fans on your post, once they comment, reply to those comments, be always nice, and soon you will get more fans.
  • Twitter, get your twitter account and twitt once or twice every day, create interest on your crafts here, soon you will get many followers.
  • Google +, every day there are more people interested on Google +, you will get followers, and you can create or find groups about your crafts, get in your crafts community, everyone will be happy to know more about you and your crafts.
  • Pinterest, if you are a crafter, Pinterest is a must, you need your own account here, create your boards and share there your crafts pictures, Pinterest is growing every day, here you can share all the pictures of your crafts, in every picture write something great about your craft, and link to your blog. Soon you will get many followers here sharing your crafts pictures and making traffic to your blog.
  • Flirck, get your own accountant here, and share all your great pictures of your crafts, people will soon make them their favorites and will talk about them.

Work on your Blog design, this is so important, dress it as you will dress your self for a party or for an important appointment.

Be patient, constant and always nice.

In time people will find your blog, and will begin to talk about it, and you will get the traffic your blog needs to grow your business.

If you have more ideas about how to get more traffic to your blog, I would love to hear about them, write a comment.

If you like this blog post, feel free to share it, the more people read it, they will get more traffic to their blogs.

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2 thoughts on “How to get more traffic to your crafts blog

  • January 22, 2015 at 7:13 am

    Hi Alejandra, thanks for your info, I do understand social media will attract visitors to a site, but I really do not understand quite how to work with them, there is so much to learn, and I am already so busy on Wealthy Affiliate, the knowlegde there is inexhaustible, but anyway, thanks for the reminder, greetings Loes

    • January 22, 2015 at 12:33 pm

      Hi Loes, thanks for stopping by and visit my blog, true, there is so much to learn to get an online business going, in time we will,
      Social media is a good help for your online business, as it’s said, you build your site, but it needs to be on the web to be found, this is where social media will help you, to be easier to be found to your followers.
      Have a good day


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