How To Get More Traffic To Your Website And Make Money

Tired of writing high value content on your website and not getting much traffic?

Wish you could know a better way to share your content on Social Media to get more traffic to your website?

Want to know How To Start A Crafts Business, from doing what you love to work from home, an online business based on your crafts

The right use of hashtags on Social Media will help you to get tons of traffic to your website

.Every online entrepreneur knows already with no traffic, business will be slow and poor.

Creative people should do its best to boost visibility on the internet and get as many visitors to our website as we could.

The more visitors or traffic you get to your website, more possibilities that your target client will find your arts and crafts and will become your client.

Now that you have your business on Social Media it’s time to learn a little bit more on how to use it to get more traffic.

Everyone knows hashtags on Social Media will boost your business, but how many hashtags can you use on each entry, and what hashtag will go with my business?

There’s not any rule here, you need to try some hashtags and check how your audience respond to it.

How to use #hashtags.

You can use a handful of hashtags or just a few and put them correctly  on your post or you can write your hashtags on the first comment.

When should you use hashtags on Social Media to promote your business?

At the beginning you need to focus on promoting your art business as much as you can, then this is the time to use as many hashtags as you can use on your post on Social Media, when your business gets traffic and you will get more clients (mail list) you will need less use of hashtags to promote your art business.

50 + hastags for art business, illustrators and crafters.

  • #contemporaryart
  • #artforsale
  • #makearteveryday
  • #artprocess
  • #wallart
  • #artstudio
  • #inthestudio
  • #customart
  • #creativeprocess
  • #ilikeart
  • #art_we_inspire
  • #artforthehome
  • #artfinder
  • #galleryart

Hashtags for illustrators.

  • #illustrationoftheday
  • #mycreativebiz
  • #digitalillustration
  • #childrenillustration
  • #illustrationdaily
  • #makeartthatsells

Hashtags for painting

  • #modernpainting
  • #paintingoftheday
  • #artsy

Hashtags for watercolors

  • #watercolorpainting
  • #windsorandnewton
  • #watercolorart
  • #watercolor

Hashtags for Sketchbooks and art journals

  • #sketchaday
  • #inkandpaper
  • #sketchoftheday
  • #sketchdaily
  • #artjournal
  • #visualjournaling
  • #artjournalpage
  • #creativejournaling
  • #journaladdict

Hashtags for crafters.

  • #tutorials
  • #tutorial
  • #diy
  • #handmade
  • #homedecor
  • #crafting
  • #crafters
  • #tutorialvideo
  • #savemoney
  • #moda
  • #fashion
  • #papercraft
  • #diytutorial
  • #artandcraft
  • #craftvideo
  • #diyproject
  • #handcrafted
  • #creative
  • #creativity
  • #etsyshop
  • #etsyseller
  • #etsyfind
  • #handmadegifts
  • #smallbusiness

There are many more hashtags you can use for your art and crafts business, but you also can create your own hashtag for your business and get followers to find you.

To come up with your own hashtag you can work on your business signature or what makes your business to stand out from the rest for your own hashtag.

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2 thoughts on “How To Get More Traffic To Your Website And Make Money

  • September 17, 2017 at 12:16 am

    This is awesome. I have not gotten the hang of using hashtags consistently yet on my social media posts. I like how you talk about transitioning out of using hashtags once you have begun to see more traffic and get an email list built up. I have been working on creating the catchphrase for my business and have been wanting to use it as a hashtag once I get it going. This post encouraged me that that will help my business.

  • September 17, 2017 at 2:28 am

    As an artists ( preferably digital artist) this is very helpful! i do have a question: As someone who mainly does art in photoshop can i apply these hashtags to me social medias or should look up some that are relative to digital art/photoshop? I greatly appreciate your article and look forward to your response 🙂


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