How To Know What Kind Of Blogger You Are?

As a creative person I love to do and try all, painting, knit, crochet, quilt, papier mache and more, my list could go on and on.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It’s so easy for creative and talented people to look at something and next second you can make it, just like that!

And if I don’t try something new I can get bored, making the same thing all the time, day by day is not for me.

The day I decided to make an online business I had to focus on one thing, my niche, and my niche couldn’t be a little bit of everything and try a new day the next day, that would go against all rules.

I need to focus on one thing, make a business online or offline on it, that is my goal, and if you have been reading my blog about my online business journey, you might have read I’m really focusing on one thing at the time lately.

So today, I will talk about what kind of blogger I want to be.

A few years ago, when the someone came with the fantastic idea about writing a personal diary on the internet and sharing it with anyone who wanted to read, that was the moment when the first blog was born, on it, first bloggers could share everything they use to do in their lives every day.

  •  at what time they wake up
  •  what they have for breakfast
  •  where do they go to do some exercise
  •  what kind of job they do, if they work
  •  when a blogger is an artist or a crafter, they will talk about how they do their art and crafts
  •  what kind of material they do when they do their crafts
  •  how they got a new sale and if one single sale makes enough money to pay all the bills (any artist dream come true)

On these blogs you can read every thing about the blogger’s life, from early in the morning to late at night, some will success, and most of them will not.

You might follow a few of them, I do, it’s nice to know how others can reach success in their lives and how they reach their goals,

It’s nice also to for a moment do a virtual visit to their home and see how they live and what they do for a life style.

Some of them have reached great success and they have found the way to write a blog post and pay all the bills and make a few dollars more.

They are called influencers, they get money when they talk about one product on their blog post, and many of us might not know how this can happens.

I have read about writing a sponsor post, when you get connected with some brand about your niche and they talk to you about from sending a few sampler or product of their brand so you can taste it or you can get their product and also they will pay you for your blog post.

How much can you get paid doing this kind of post?, well it will depends on how many daily visits your blog gets, and how good you’re doing on social media.

To get noticed by brands on your niche, you need to reach certain number of visits on your blog, and for example, if on Twitter you reach over 10 K followers you might get noticed by brands interested on you.

I will tell you about two examples:

Selena Gomez,

My husband and I use to listen to the radio while we have our breakfast every morning, the speaker was talking about how Selena Gomez could make 500 K (American dollars) every time she shares a Coke can on one of her pictures on Twitter!

Mas y Mejor

Mas y Mejor, is a blog in Spanish from a Spanish young couple, both are computer technicians, one they decide to try to make money on the internet, and they focused on Twitter, a few weeks ago they shared a great webinar.

It was one of those webinars you don’t feel the time spent on it, great information and they talked about how Twitter can make your online business take off, I need to write a post about those tips, I’m working on my blog and I see those tips work pretty good.).

One of those points they talked about on the seminar, it was about how important is to reach 10 K followers on Twitter, once you get to that point, you can look for some sponsors on your niche.

They were contacted by a brand who offered them 100 Euros for sharing a pictures of them where a bowl of this brand salad that was in the picture.

Not bad, eh? getting paid 100 euros, and you could do this with a few brands on your niche if your site is getting a  great number of visitors and you build up a good Social Media followers.

It won’t be easy but it can be done.

This is one of the good things to think about when you are working on building up your online business. You can work on your art and crafts business, promote your business and get good sales when at the same time you can make some money on what you love to do.

Just one thought about the cons on this way of making money, brands will check on you deeply, they don’t spend money on every blogger, you need to be an authority on your niche or an influencer.

And also, you need to think well about doing this before you do it, it is good for your brand, and talk about the pros and the cons with your sponsor, know every point before you sign up for this.

what kind of blogger are you

Blogging Solving Problems.

Help other bloggers or entrepreneurs to learn what they need to keep on their business

When I started to blog,   little I knew about all what is involved on blogging, now I have learned a few things.

Yes you can write about “me, me, me” and “my art” all the time and you can get the point to be good blogging that way and get lots of followers and start to make money that way.

But there is another way to make money on your online business as an artist or crafters, solving problems.

Most of the people who use the internet are looking for a way to solve a problem.

  • How to draw
  • How to paint with watercolors
  • How to design a good composition for my oil painting
  • What is easier to work, oil painting or watercolor?
  • How to get buyers interested on my work?

If you are a crafter, let’s say you are a knitter:

  • I’m a beginner, how can I learn to knit
  • I’m expecting my first baby, how can I knit a baby’s sweater?
  • I want to learn new knitting stitches?
  • Is it the same to knit a sweater than to knit a bed cover?

You can keep on your art or crafts blogging and sell what you do, but if you notice people that visit you are leaving comments on your blog about “how to” questions, then there you might have another way to make money online.

Write an e-book about how you can knit the perfect baby’s sweater

Write an e-book about why to start painting with oil painting first

Make an online course about how to start your first oil painting.

Listen to your visitors and followers, they will be posting questions for you, you can start thinking on how to give an answer to those questions, first just an answer to their questions directly on your blog, then you can give more details about how to do this or that on an e-book or on an online course.

At this point, you might thing, (as I did) “I’m an artist, little I know about how to write an e-book or write an online course.

Don’t worry about this, you can find good information about how to do it on the internet, many people are doing it as a business, you and me will learn from them.

And soon we will have our own e-book or online course ready to share with our followers and clients.

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One step at the time.

I hope I can help you out with this entry, these days there is much we can do to make money online from home.

Now I can enjoy  more free time to do what I love, my art and my crafts, I could say as an advice, keep working on your site or blog, build up good content, followers will arrive, listen to them and mean while learn about how to write an e-book or make an online business, be ready before your clients start asking for your product.

Now it’s time to talk a little about your homework:

What kind of blogger you are?

If you are or want to be an influencer, what steps do you want to work on to make money?

What will you do to get more followers on Social Media?

I would like to know, how many followers do you have on Social Media?, have you reached 10 K on any of your Social Media?

If you want to be a Solve Problems Blogger, what is your niche?

What question do you get more often from your followers?

Do you know how to make an e-book already?

Write down on paper all your answers, write down all you think about this subject, make a To Do List, and we will keep talking about what to do as artist and crafters on my next blog post.

I thank you for your visit and make time to read my blog, if you have any question, leave a comment.

Come as stranger, leave as a friend.

Leave a comment and tell me what is your niche.


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