How To Make A Header For Your Blog.

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Your blog header is the first thing your visitors see when they visit your blog,  a good header can invite your visitors to stay and read more on your blog, or just leave, it can only takes just a few seconds.

It´s a good idea to take some time to work on the header of your blog and design it well. Of course, you can hire a designer to do the job, but it can cost a few dollars, if you are like me, a begginer blogger, it´s better to do it ourselves.

When we talk about How To Make A Header For Your Blog, it´s a good idea to look to some points ahead, the header can take up to 1/3 of your blog or your site, or headers can be narrow, many times this will depend on the taste of the blogger, it´s hard to say what will work great on a header as the design will depend on the beholder.

Some good points to have in mind when you are working on the design could be:


Try to not over do on the design, keep it simple, a text it´s always a good idea, you can add some design, and change the fonts and color.

Easily Recognizable

Your blog header should be easily recognizable by your visitors, it will welcome them each time they visit your blog, and will welcome to stay and read more.

Visual Feast.

Your blog header should always be a visual feast, a good header should capture your visiters at the first sight.

You can keep in your mind these steps when you work on bulding up your blog header
  • Colors and fonts, try a few combinations, and find the one that works better for your blog, work with the text, color, fonts, spacing, style and lay out, until you get the one that will work better for you blog.
  • You can get your blog menu bar in your header, this works good and will help your visitors to find your pages more easily.
  • If you are working on the design of your blog header, work it on the exact size, headers size can be different from blog to blog, when you are working on your WordPress header, each theme has it´s own size. Streched out images never look good in a header.
  • It´s better to go with a simple text than a not good picture for your header.

Take your time and look around on other website and blogs, you will see many good headers with great design, go to Pinterest and type blog headers, Pinterest is always a good place to find inspiration, I´m sure you will find some good ideas.

I want to share here with you a few headers, you will find the size for each one in pixels, I hope this can help you to design your own. I´m sure you can make a great header to work for your blog or website.

You can visit Free Web Site, you will find a good number of great headers, you can work your header with one of them, or you can get some ideas to work on your own.

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