How to make your business cards

How to make your own business cardsHello everyone

Too much to do lately, my to do list keeps me busy most of the time, starting a creative business sometimes is a busy job, hope in time it will get easier.

One main thing to think about a business is to get “Clients” , everywhere I go, I might get people interested on my business, and it’s time for me to make some business cards to take them in my bag with me all the time.

I need to be ready when people ask me about my job, so I can hand them a business card.

As I’m working on my online business, a business card today may be different on it was used to be. There are business cards with your personal information,

  • your name  and/or your business Name
  • your address
  • and your phone and/or your cell number

But if you like me, are working on getting an online business. A business card must have also more information where your clients can take a look on your business.

  • Site or blog name and link
  • Facebook business account
  • Twitter account
  • Pinterest account
  • Instagram account

Being on Arts and Crafts business, I wanted my card show a little of my art. I followed a few steps to get my cards done, all home made.

how to make business c

ale balanzario

I made first a self portrait on my Ipad apps, I liked the way it looked, but quality wasn’t good to print, so I made one portrait with watercolor.

ale balanzario

I scanned it,  then I worked a little bit on Photoshop, with CorelDraw I worked on the display of the card.

I always make a test with just one card, regular size, I print it out, if I like how it looks on paper, then I go back to CorelDraw and make a full paper letter size with cards, I printed them on mate photograph paper, to get a better quality.

how to make your own business cards

The pros to do this is, I can print just a few cards at the time, if I need to make changes, it will easy to do it. I also can change the information in the card if I have any change to share with my clients.

Hope you get some ideas on how to make your own business cards and get some all the time with you, there is always people who is looking for what you do for business.

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I thank you for making time to stop and read my blog. Hope to give you some new ideas on how you can also grow your business.


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