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Sometimes life can be so busy, more when you are working full time to pay those bills, and you still have a dream to build your own business, then you need to do your best to work on that dream just a few hours every week.

Seem like your “To Do List” is a never ending? prioritize could be the answer.

It’s working for me, as I build up my own planner and get all the parts I need for it, prioritize has become one of the most important thing on my planner.

I can’t do all in one day, but I can do the three most important things, and these three things will take me to the point I want to get in my life.

You can do also this way, set your goals, and make a plan to get them, and every week set three things to get done, write them down, and work on them.

At the end of the week, you can check if you could accomplish them or not, plans need to be flexible enough to be change, and need to smart so you don’t forget or skip to do them.

A new free printable for you to add to your Junior Personal Planner, once you download it, you can print out as many as you need (for your personal use only), there are two in each page, you will need to cut out in the middle, then fold each one in the middle, make the holes for your planner, and plan your week.

This week free printable

On the back, you can write down your own notes about your week, these notes can help you to plan your next week.

These notes also can be about why you had to change your plans,

If you find or read a Inspiration Note during this week that give you a “That’s It” thought, write it down, and write why it make a sparkle on your mind. It might be a moment that can help you to grow your business and make easier your plan to achieve it.

It’s easier when you write down your ideas, than keep them all on your mind.

If you find this “Week Planner” good for you, remember to PIN IT so you can find it later.

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