How To Run A Shop On Etsy, 5 good blog post links to read this week-end

how to run a Shop on Etsy, artsandcraftsbusinessHello there,

Weather is nice, I want to spend all the time outside and enjoy the good and nice weather, BBQ time, and take my time to see how the country turns green once again, and flowers start to pop up every where!.

Love this time of the year… but don’t forget we are working to build up an online business, no matter how the weather is, it’s better to keep working on it, small steps every day, will build up a strong business.

I love how I can mark up some interesting post on my IPad, set a chair out side, with a glass of lemonade and take some time to read and learn about how to run my online business,

Running an Etsy Shop.

There are many post about this subject, learn to get and how to run an Etsy Shop, I want to share with you all these posts, good reads for a week-end.

How To Make Money By Setting Up A Shop On Etsy

Making Money setting up

6 Tools For Small Business Owners

6 tools for small business owners

How To Make Your Etsy Shop Stand Out

how to make your etsy shop stand out

I Sell On Etsy, Now What?


11 Tips for Selling on Etsy

smarter dot com

If you have another link to a good read about how to get and run successfully an Etsy Shop, leave a comment, I will love to read about it.

You always can follow my Pinterest Etsy Board, where you can find more and great post about this subject,

If you are looking to learn more about how to get and run a successful online site, visit Wealthy Affiliates.

I thank you for making the time to stop by and read this post, if you have any question, leave a comment below, I will reply.

Have a great week-end!

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