How To Sell More From Your Online Store


If you stop for the first time on my blog I welcome you, a new world on things and task to work on to improve to go from artist or crafter home based to a home based online entrepreneur.

And if you have been reading my blog for some time, you already know my latest post talk about what to do to improve or get sales from your online store.

Any artist and crafter can do it!

10 points to focus on or to work on to improve your sales online

Create your product to sell online

2    Creat the best photos of your product

3.  How to welcome your client to your online business

Work on the right platform

5.  Make it easy for your client

Your own online store6. Do not have any distractions on your online store.

Time to go and visit your own online store with a different point of view, yes, like you were your own client!

  •  Can you find the price easily?
  •  Do you find easily what you are looking for?
  •  Do you have any banner that can easily distract your attention from what you want to buy to another thing?
  •  Do you have any banner that get your attention more than the products on your store, and when you click on it takes you out of your store?
  •  Can you read all the description about your product you want to know even the “Cons” easily?
  •  How many clicks do you need to do before you finish your buy?

After you visit your own online store write down make a list of thing you need to improve to make it easy to your client to buy more from you.

If you still have any doubts about your online store, ask a friend or ask another online seller with a similar store, one who already belongs on your network, to check on your online store and give you a review of it, pay it forward to another member of your network.

Helping each other will make it easier for everyone.

Your online store

7. Give More Information.

Take some time to get all the information to be ready to sell online, with this, I want to say, the more information you have about everything related:

  •  Your Product
  •  To Your Store:
  •  Time of the year:
  •  Mailing Service:
  •  Mailing Timing:

The more accurate information you give to your client, it will make easier for them to buy from you.

It’s important that your client feels like a VIP person once they land on your online store.

Make simple to find and read all the good and bad points about your product, – hey, wait a moment… did you just said bad points?

Yes, when you write the description of your product, if you have any bad point about it, it’s time to write it down, so your client can read it and know exactly what product he or she is buying, and this point will make no bad surprises later for them.

A bad point could be for example, you have read on my blog about I work on Wealthy Affiliate, many people wants to make money online, some ads use to say, “Everyone can be rich on the Internet”, if you read about Wealthy Affiliate you can find reviews that will tell you, that you can make money on the internet, if you learn how to do it and if you are committed to work hard, and it’s a long race not a one day magic potion.

Once you read Wealthy Affiliate reviews you will know that you can make money on the internet but it won’t be easy, and you need to work hard and mostly everyday, in time, yes, there are members who are making a real good living on it.

Another example about talking the bad point one product could have before the client buy it.

Let’s think about a 100 % organic and natural wool sweater, it might be itchy, some people could wear it and some people won’t, most of the children can’t stand natural wool clothing. If you work with a material like this, it’s better to write it down on the product description.

Another point to talk about could be, if you sell some cookies, now every time I go to the bakery, it’s a small bakery in a small town, the first thing you can notice when you get it, it’s a sign that alerts everyone, good could be contaminated with nuts. So any person with peanuts allergy can take all the measure before they have any good from them. Will this means less sales? could be.

But it makes it safer for the client and for the seller.

When you write down your product description point out the good things and the bad things.

I thank you for the time to stop and read my blog, more point to have on your to do list when you work on your online business, but once you get it, it will help you to get more sales.

If you have any questions, leave a comment.

It’s time you tell us about your product, does it has only good points or does it has also bad points you want to let your client know before he or she buys from you… write a comment.



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