How To Sell Your Art

Once you discover you’re an artist, it’s time to make a full living on your art and crafts.

Have you been at your day work and just thinking about the moment you will be back at home and find some free time to work on what you love to do?

I know the feeling, I could spend hours and hours working on what I love to do, time is no problem, I could stay for days working on it.

Big difference is when I need to go to work, even if I love the work I do, I find myself thinking on what will be the next layer on my watercolor or what I should do next on my quilt.

Online Business for Artist and Crafters.

I would like to point this topic out once again, as I really believe we artist and crafters can own and run our online business from home, from our studio.

Making a living from your art and craft doesn’t mean you will be working on your next piece and placing it somewhere in your home and wait for someone to stop at your door and then you will have the chance to talk about that particular piece and hoping for this person to get interested on it and maybe, and only maybe you might make a sale.

Being an artist you need to learn the art of running a business and make sales every day, every week and every month so you can make a full income from your art.

“A sale doesn’t happen in a moment” Justine Sta.

To make a sale you will need to work hard and smart.

Now it’s time for you to spend more time on your studio and work just a few hours on your business.

While you work on your present piece you need to focus on it, take all the time you need to make your next piece, it doesn’t matter if it is an oil painting, a watercolor, a basket or a knit, when you work with your hands and soul at the same time, you don’t work on “just another item” you work on your next “piece of art”

Out there in the world there might be someone looking for your art.

When you work on your online business, you will let your client know your there and you have a piece for him or her, they just need to know you’re here also on the online business world.

Start your Blog.

There’s no better way to let your client  know you, know about your art and know about your life.

People love stories, and stories about art pieces are important. They are part of your art.

A blog is the perfect way to get in touch with your clients and let them read about you, tell them how you build your actual piece of art.

You can blog about many things about you and your work:

  • Why you do art (crafts)
  • What do you do while you work on your actual piece (live painting with model, painting with some referent photos, work on some sketches.
  • Do you have a house-studio or do you need to travel to go to your studio.
  • Do you work on a theme work?
  • Does your work change with seasons (years)
  • Is your work a single piece work or do you work on series?
  • Why a piece is more important to you than others?

Tell your client how you do your work,

  • You only work on original art.
  • You work and sell original work but you also have prints.
  • You only sell your art direct from you or you place some pieces at art galleries.
  • You work making exhibitions on art galleries.
  • What do you do when you go on vacations.

Art Website.

Every artist and crafter should have an art website where you can show your client your work and let them know where and how they can contact you or your representative to buy a piece of your art.

There are some themes on WordPress where you can upload photographs of your work and show every piece as if your client was visiting an Art Gallery.

You can find the theme that goes better with your work and with your client.

Some point to have in mind when you start an Art Website:

Be sure your client can find it easily.

Today, most of the business people whether they are artist or crafters or not have a website, it will be difficult to find you if you go for a name for your online business that says nothing in particular about you or your art.

A good idea could be:

  •  Your name + artist
  •  Your name + watercolor artist
  • Your name + anything that will help your client to find you and to buy from you.

Some art collectors like to buy from one kind of art, like some collector who specialize in buying oil painting, and some will be interested to buy flower oil painting, some will be interested to buy landscape oil painting.

Some art collectors will go to look for watercolors, etc.

With time, you will learn how to find the client who is looking for you and your work.

There’s a few secrets to learn when you work on your first art website, that will help your client to find you and once you get everything set up, your client will find you easier and he or she will contact you to talk about one particular piece of art of yours and then you will start to get sales on the internet.

Start a website on the internet with no knowledge at all about the art of blogging for business will mean that your website can be in the universe of blogs for years and no one will find you there. Sorry to be hard on this, but once you take some time to learn the basics of blogging for business you will understand how it works and how to set up everything for your business.

My best recommendation to learn about how to start a website for your business, learn about SEO and keywords is Wealthy Affiliate, and it is also my best recommendation to host a website and buy a domain.


Marketing Your Art.

These days you can listen everyone talking about marketing, and there is a reason for it, with no marketing you might not get a sale.

How can you make some good marketing for your art?

Can you picture in your mind the last time you were in a store and the sales person went to you and ask you “may I help you?” and after that, that person follow you all the time and told you… “-you should buy this or that or that”, all the time.

Today in order to make more sales you should not be a selling person!

As an artist, you should help your client to fill up a necessity.

I think this took me a few years to understand, yes I can understand if a person has a need, that person can go and look to find on the internet or in the next store what it needs, but what need can art solve?

And most of all, a piece of art wont cost 5 or 10 dollars! so how to make more sales if your art has the right price for it.

Be there.

Your client is looking for a piece of art that speak to him or her when they most need it.

Your client is looking for your art as part of there home, I know more and more people wont to become minimalist and own less, but even them, I’m sure they are looking for a painting to hang on a wall.

Explain to your client on your website, what is your art about, as you talk about your art your client will read it and will fill his or her emotions, that is when you connect with your client and a sale will happen!

One sell can make you more sales.

You already know that, once you sell a painting or a piece your client will take it to its home and will be happy to look at it everyday, he or she might talk with his or her friends about it.

Be ready.

Your work is your best representative, and a happy client will talk about you and your work, be sure you are ready to make more sales.

Take a moment to work on it, be prepared, and when you get a phone call or an e-mail from your client referring that you already have more pieces to show, or you might let them know about your next show!

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I think for today you have a few points to think about, the work of an artist never ends, your studio waits for you as your next piece too.

Work on your website and be ready because I’m sure you will get more sales soon!

If you’re looking to know more about this topic, how an artist can make more sales and live from there art, you may want to read these books also.

10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered, by Austin Kleon

It’s a good book to read fully with good advice, one of these good advice Kleon invites you to be generous and share your work and the process with others.

Kleon gives you the advice to share something small everyday, this way you make a presence on the internet and your client will find you more easily. Get it now!

Guerrilla Marketing for Artists: How to Build a Bulletproof Career to Thrive in Any Economy

by Barney Davey.

In this book Barney Davey give you solid advice on how to set your goals as an artist, planning and marketing strategies, how to build up solid relationships with your clients. Get it now!

“This book is about how to take control of your career as an artist”.

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