How To Start Your First Crafts Business

The key to success, ale balanzario illustrations.

How to start your first crafts business?

This is the question I often ask to myself, how?, when?

Marie Forleo is a guru of Marketing and how to make business, she is young, charismatic and full of energy, this morning when I was checking on my Facebook, I saw this phrase Marie Forleo give us The Key To Success Is To Start Before You’re Ready.

How many times I have told myself, I’m not ready yet, I need to learn this and that, I have not enough stock to start, procrastinating, yes, that is, I have been procrastinating for so many years, so think this phrase is just what I wanted to see.

2014 is coming to an end in a few days more, time to make plans for 2015,

  • Set your Goals for 2015, what do you want to accomplish this year. Small or big goals, but write them down, keep them where you can see them every day, so you can stay focused on them.

Goals can be change, you need to see how your business grow, and on what directions is heading, so goals can be flexible, but always have

goals to reach.

  • Make your Plans, once you set your goals, make plans to reach those goals, this is “how” we need to work to get those goals, are you going to visit some retail stores to introduce your products and crafts, or are you going to start your online business.

Each one of these ideas, whether you want to introduce your crafts and products to retail stores or start your online business, need a plan to follow, you need to be sure to make a plan clear and follow it, once again, plans need to be flexible to change according to your business need and changes of market.

Good plans will help you to keep on your right track and will help you to get your goals.

  • Get organized, your plan will help you to get organized, no matter if you are working on your own business full time or part time, you need to be organized, and make your best on the time to work on your business.
  • Control, yes keep track on what you do, what product is your best seller, what does your client like about your crafts and products?, everything will help you to know your business better, and set new goals to help your business to grow.



Seth Godin give us a good advice on how to start our first business, I think is a good advice.

Holidays are here and many of us will be busy attending the Holidays with family and friends, take your time to enjoy, joy and fun are always good for the spirit.

But if you have some free and calm time, start working on your Crafts or Art Business, it worth it.

You can visit my Etsy Store, it’s a small one, but it’s a start!

You can also visit my Facebook Fan Page and give me some Like, this will make may day!

My quilts site is Alejandra’s Quilt, I will love to have you there for a visit.

I thank you for your visit, come back soon!


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