How To Start Your Own Crafts Business

how to start your crafts businessHello everyone!

  • Can’t find more free time to finish that knitting project?
  • Wish you have more money to buy the last merino wool?
  • Wish you could spend more time doing what you love to make and make a living on it?

Now more and more crafters and artists are finding the way to stay at home in their studios and making a living on their passion.

Why is stopping me to take that little step and live on what I love to make?

The answer could be “Nothing!”, nothing can stop me to start my own online business.

After being a blogger for a few years, and I loved every day I have been blogging, in fact I could say if I haven’t started to blog just for fun I wouldn’t be here, sharing with you the steps I’m taking to grow my hobbies based business.

The first thing I will talk is how to go from a crafter to be an entrepreneur, how to go from a small product to bigger products.

Begin Small

I will start small, with a small product on my own site/blog

I’m working on developing my own product, will keep it small, it’s process will include:

  1. Product launching
  2. Keep a journal on how it goes: what did it go right?, what did it go wrong?, why did it go wrong?, why this product was a success?, how can I improve it?, can I make more products from it?, how does this product stay in the market in time?

Look For Mentors

If you like I do, spend some time looking those great crafts bloggers who have success on their own crafts business on the internet today, they might be interested to become a mentor for a new crafts entrepreneur.

Some of them already have a mentoring program for new entrepreneurs, they will be happy to share their knowledge with newbies.

What can you expect from a mentor?
  1. I can ask he or she how I can take my products to my own clients.
  2. How can I turn my self into an important crafter, what steps I need to take so people want to buy from me, and read my site/blog.
  3. How can I be a different person, that means, how can I go from a single crafter to a person that can communicate my knowledge with others, with a clear vision.

A mentor can give you all kind of good advices for your business and products, but he or she will let you know if your business has no future as you vision it at this moment.

A mentor can also tell you when it’s better not to keep one product anymore on the market. This will save you lots of time and money.

On this point I will add, how I can be honest and sincere on my business, not only looking to make money, how can I make my clients life better when they use my products.

The Importance Of Time Use.

Once I decide to start my own business I need to commit myself to use time wisely.

Time is unique and precious,

  • I will spend my time wisely learning more things about running an online business.
  • I will spend time learning from my mentor (s)
  • I will spend my time developing good products thinking on my client.
  • I will spend more time getting to know who my client is and its needs.

The time is right, the time is now to start your own online business!

Are you starting your own crafts business?
In what step are you now?
What kind of crafts is based your business?

If you have any question about this article, please leave a comment, I will reply to you shortly.


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