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I’m back to work on my online business and I know you too.

A new year, a new beginning with the same project my online business, nothing will change in the core but I need to keep at it, it’s not a 100 mts race it’s a marathon.

This can be  the same when someone will run a marathon need a plan (I don’t run marathon, but I have read about it), I think it doesn’t matter if you will run a marathon or you are working to grow your own business you need a plan.

Every new year internet is full everywhere you look at with the best resolution to make, and tips and how to make them.

The secret from my point of view is not just make them, it’s to achieve each one of them.

Resolutions are made the last days on the year is about to finish, and in most cases any resolution won’t last the first two weeks of the new year.

What makes a resolution to fail?

Once again, from my point of view, resolution are made as a wish… “I want to get a new job”, “I would love to own my own business”, “I would love to be making hundred of thousand dollars every day”.

Yes, and I would love to do all of them too!

But those resolutions are made just like that, too much to ask and too little to do. They will fail next day.

What to do to make a resolution work for you!

This time I will focus to talk here about one resolution about your business and mine too.

Resolution for 2017 = Own my online business.

So you can start making it out, your resolution.

Next step it’s write it down on paper, but not just as resolution, write it down as a goal.

A goal you can reach this year, so instead of going for a millionaire business go for open your online business and start selling from it.

What about starting selling your first 10 dollars one day.

From it let’s go to 10 dollars a day during 30 days = 300 dollars per month sounds good for me as a start.

There will days with no sales and there will be days with more than one sale, let’s keep it conservative as it is just the beginning of your business.

Make a Plan.

A goal with no plan is just a dream.

Dreams can happens only if you work hard to achieve them, believe me I know about it.

It’s time to work on a plan for your business.

On the same paper, write it down, your step No. 1, No. 2, No.3 and all those steps you will need to work on to get you to your goal.

It doesn’t matter how small it could be or how big it could look and hard to do it, just write it down.

Write everything you think you need to do, and don’t worry if you miss one step while you work on your plan that particular step will show up by it self.

Work now on the “how to”

Now that you have your plan on paper, start working on the first step you need to work on.

What do you need to do to do it?

Where can you find the information to do it?

Who is going to make it? as you are for the moment a solo entrepreneur, this person in charge to do it, it might be you, but as your business grow you might need to answer this question in a different way. Time to hire someone or outsourcing.

Where; more of the online business start at home, from your cell phone, from your IPad, from your laptop.

From all these questions, I could say you can manage to solve them out by yourself on almost all of them, the point where I would spend more time is on WHERE.

You how found what your passion is, and you know you want to start or you already have your business based on your passion, your crafts or your art.

If your business hasn’t taken off as you would like to, and this is your resolution for this year.

Where will you get all the information to achieve it, for me, this is the point where you need to spend more time.

Lucky us to have the internet today to help us to achieve our goals.

On your point about “what” you need for your business you already have your “problem points” of your business or the points where you need to learn more about it.

On each point write down where or from who you can to find the help you need.

Todays internet business are based on “micro niches”, this means in most of the cases online business owners are focusing in solving a particular problem.

  • Online business
  • Find out your passion
  • Copy writing
  • Story telling
  • Pinterest for your online business
  • Facebook for your online business
  • Facebook ads
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Amazon and your online business
  • Etsy
  • Crafts and art business

And this list can grow as long as you need to.

Your challenge will be based on to work on one step at the time, from your own list, highlight the most important need for your business to work on.

Find that person that runs an online business on that point, most of them have free information ready for you, read it all, you need to find out it this person in particular is writing and sharing what you need to learn on this particular moment.

Follow her or him, listen to their clients, and start working on your own online business, see if you can improve your business from the free information you are getting from them.

If you find this person is talking to you, and you are getting good improvements on your online business, then it might be the moment you might want to invest on yourself to learn more.

2017 might be the year you need to invest on yourself and on your business to grow.

For me it was 2016, I found that person, in fact I found 2 great bloggers who are running a successful business each one of them.

I read all what they had to their clients for free, then I bought one course from each one of them, then I went for a bigger course, did it worked right for me? Yes it did.

I’m happy with the results and I’m happy to see today I own more knowledge about online business and I know where and how to work.

A bonus, I know more about these two successful bloggers and if I have a “new” problem as online business is always improving so fast, I can get in touch with them and get the help I need to keep going on my own business.

Work on your business not just one day, but every day all year round.

It’s a business now, you need to work on it like that “a business”

On a hobby you can work on it one day and the next two weeks you can do something else, on a business you can’t do this, a business need consistency.

I made this time a free printable for you to work on each one of your resolution all year round.

Resolution tracker free printable

Print it out as many time as you need to.

Fill it out, your resolution and your goal. Write down what is your goal to achieve for each resolution, it will give it a meaning to work on it.

Make a plan, write down on each month what your plan will be, if you write it down with pencil will be better, as many times a plan need to change, if you see a plan is not working the way you want to, it’s time to make a change.

Plans need to be active, need to change as many times to help you to get your goals.

Keep this Resolution tracker on your personal planner or on your business planner, write down your plan to follow for 2017 and go back to check on it every month and keep at it, at the end of the year you can see how easy will be for you to achieve your goal.

I will be more than happy to read about your progress, you can leave a comment to let me know how far you had reached or if you have a problem you can also write a comment and we can find a solution for that particular problem.

If you want to get more serious about your online business based on your passion, and you would like to learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can start making some extra passive money you can join Wealthy Affiliate, the first 9 days and the first 10 lessons are for free, you can learn the basics for this online business then you can sign up for the program.

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I let you know, think you have some good information to start working on your online business now.


Resolution tracker free printable









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