Hello everyone!

So I started my blog, now it’s time to write the first blog post!

How exciting it is!, after I have been reading and visiting many blogs, I got the idea to start my own blog, and here I am, with my own new brand blog.

But wait, I’m a crafter, I’m an artist, I know how to crochet and knit, but how am I going to write a blog?, what am I going to talk about, just patterns?, I’m not a writer!

Blogging can be a moment of panic for many of us, yes including me! at the beginning I was so shy, I hardly could write down a shy ‘hi’ and sometimes a shy ‘see you next time’

How my blog did on those times? zero visits, yes you read well, zero visits!

If a blog is not visited by readers, its like a dead blog!

The good news is, there is always a way to write a blog post the right way, and it doesn’t need to be so difficult that only a few can do it, and I’m sure you will be soon writing epic blog post that will lead nice traffic to your site.

First, relax and think you can do it too, you already got your new blog and you have your right niche. Next step is to start writing and sharing your content on your site/blog.

No matter you’re starting to blog on Blogger or WordPress, you can always take your time to write a good post, just follow these steps:

  • I always open a ‘New Post’ and I start writing down everything I want to say on this post
  • I can ‘save this post as a draft’ until I’m happy with it.
  • I can come back to this post and change it, modify and get it better as many times as I want to before I publish.
  • I can read it a few times to be sure my spelling is correct.
  • I can add images or delete them until I’m happy on how it will be when I publish it.

When I publish a post, I can come back and work on it again if I need to. So blogging should not be a stressful moment for anyone, it should be a moment of creation you should enjoy, and don’t worry if you’re not successful from the first time. There are so many bloggers these days sharing for free how to blog the right way I’m sure you will be writing great blogs soon.

When you are a beginner blogger, you might not know all the secret that makes a ‘post’ a real good ‘post’ but you will learn to do it.

How To Stand Out

Starting a new blog on the internet about knitting, when there are already hundred of thousand of knitting blogs, it will take time for people to find you, and when I say time that could mean, weeks, months and even years. And when I talk about knitting blogging, it is just to name one craft, but this can happens to any blogger, it doesn’t matter what you are blogging about, painting, crocheting, quilting, papier mache, cooking, etc.

It is important from the beginning to start blogging sharing your content to stand out. If you will be blogging about how to knit baby shoes, and I do believe there is a good market on this item, I have visited sites which talks and sales knitted baby shoes and they do really well.

So how can you stand out to be #1 on Google Search and your visitors/clients will find you?

Seth Godin  wrote a book about the ‘Purple Cow’, and it is about the idea on anytime you visit a cows farm you will see lots of cows, white and black, white and brown, brown cows, black cows… lots and lots of same cows, and more when you look at them from far.

But what about if there is one, yes just ONE PURPLE COW among the others, you will notice it at once!

Will you remember it?, I’m sure you will! and just get your place, you will talk about that one purple cow!

I remember three years ago, one of my sons was visiting me here, and we both went to Montreal to visit Chihuly show in the Fine Art Museum in Montreal, it was so crowded, I remember we had to make a long line to get the tickets to get in for about 20 minutes, believe me, in Montreal that is a long wait on a line, and the museum hall was full of people!

But in one moment I saw a lady wearing a knitted sweater by Sophie Digarh, I couldn’t take my eyes from here, what a beautiful sweater, I only had seen her work on the internet, mostly on Pinterest, and those PINs always have hundred or thousand of pins.

To be lucky to see one of her sweater on real life… that was a moment for me, I still can remember that sweater!

Well, your site and your blog should be the same.

When I was writing my story about that sweater I saw at the Fine Art Museum, I can still feel that emotion I felt that day, you’re blog need to be the same for your readers, it needs to be awake and emotion on them.

I talked on my previous post about to sell a need for your audience at the moment you choose your niche, but when you are writing a post, you need to solve a problem and you need also to awake an emotion.

Crafts and Arts blogs need to awake an emotion.

Write about your art and your crafts how you feel about them, how well does it feels when you spend an afternoon or a morning knitting that sweater or when you spend a whole week working on your next painting.

If you haven’t watch any of Este Macleod videos, you should watch them, she is so generous sharing great videos about her way to work and the way she talks about her work while she is working.

That is the point.

You need to write your blog post:

  • the way you are
  • the way you do your crafts and art
  • how do you feel when you are working on a new project, knitting or a new pattern
  • you should share your ups and also your downs, it is always good to know there are more people like us, I have been blogging for years and until lately I have understood what I need to do to stand out, and get readers. It’s never too late.
  • don’t try to compete with other bloggers, each one of us will find their own way, and each one of us will find the perfect client.
  • Always think you have something unique and great to share with your readers and clients.
  • Get inspired but never copy
  • If one thing doesn’t work the way you want to, remember there is thousand things waiting to be done or discovered by you and your readers and clients will get them from you.

Now, let’s get on ‘How to write that perfect post’

There is always some rules we need to follow in order to write a post that our readers and clients will find.

If you want to post a picture of your work and just write down its price below and that’s it, it is mostly nobody will see it ever.

Ah, we all bloggers must learn something about Mr. Google, if I don’t learn how to write properly this post, you might not been here reading it this moment.

A good post to make happy Mr. Google should have:

  • At least 1000 words, yes you read right, there were the times, when there was only a few bloggers on the internet, when you could post a picture of your work and everyone would see it, today, to rank well on Google and people can see your blog, you need to write long post and good content.
  • Good Content, I could be here writing 1353 words so far and tell you not the real content, a content that will help you out to write well your own blog post. It is important to write content that will help your audience to be better everyday, to help them to do their jobs easier and happier, then Mr. Google will open that window that will allow your readers and clients to find you.

How to write a post so people really read you.

If you are still here with me, it’s because today I’m writing and sharing with you real information and it is interesting for you to continue to read. That I could say it is the first secret of blogging.

As soon as you write no good content, your reader will leave your blog to look for another blogger to solve his or her problem.

Edit your post in a way it is easy to read.

You always can write down your idea for your next post on a paper or start writing a draft on your blog. Get every word you want to share on it, read it twice or even three times, change any word or paragraph you want to. Rewrite it. Once you’re happy with your post you need to edit it.

Make it easy to read.

  • Don’t write long paragraphs, break them into short sentences, easy to read and to keep your ideas.
  • Use Heading 3, Heading 2 on your subtitles an on any important point to highlight them and to give your readers an idea on what your post is, we use to remember better important points.  How many times you have found a great blog with good products, but it is written all in a paragraph so dense it is hard to find the ideas or it makes your eyes tired to read it,
  • Use Keywords. A keywords is those words and those ideas you are writing about to get indexed on Google. Keywords is a new word for many beginner bloggers, you need to learn about them and how to use them to rank better and get founded on the internet, it is not a secret anymore, and once you learn to use them it will make your work as a blogger easier. I will talk more about keywords later as they are important as the blog it self.
  • Use images, artist and crafters, we work on creation of beautiful things, and internet is visual, how could I write and sell knitted baby shoes if I don’t show a image of my product. Product photography is also another important subject for artist and crafters bloggers, it is important to share great quality photographs, if you are a good photographer that is great, you don’t need to worry about it, but if you are like me, that photography is not my strong point, you might need to learn something about how to get good photos of your products.

Once your post is done, and it is ready to be published, remember to check it once again before you click on that blue button on the right upper corner here on WordPress to publish it.

Now, you spend a whole morning or afternoon or maybe big part of your night to work on that blog post, and it is published. You wait, and wait and it looks so deserted, nobody is visiting your blog…

The law of Parapet, 80 % – 20 %

Even you spend long hours writing and working on that post, in these times on the internet if you don’t share your blog on Social Media, nobody will find it or know that there is a great blog there to read.

I’m sure there might be many people waiting to read from you and to buy from you, but it is hard to find you, so make it easy for them to find you.

On the law of Parapet we need to work on every post the 20 % of our time , (even it can looks like we already worked long hours on creating a blog post) and 80 % on its promotion.

It is time to not to be so shy, I know, it is nice to be in my studio working and creating, but I already have all the walls of my house full with my paintings and no sales.

And there is one reason for that, how people will buy my art if they don’t know I’m and artist and I sell my work!

It is just because I haven’t told them about my art.

So, it is time to get a Facebook account, a Pinterest account and an Instagram and google account and share your work on them, let your readers and clients to know about you and your work.

Well, 2237 words on this post,  I’m so happy you’re still here with me, it has been a long blog post but I think it worth to be read, now you have more knowledge about blogging, keep on it, you will be blogging great soon.

If you have any questions about this post and about how to blog, please leave a comment, I will answer to you shortly.

Do you have your own blog?

Is there one thing harder for you to do when your blogging?

Do you have any good tips for your blogging, you are welcome to share your tips with me!

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  • July 5, 2016 at 1:02 pm

    Hi Alejandra, I love blogging as well because I get to express myself. I used to really worry a lot about what people would think of my writing, but like you, I would just keep saving it as a draft until I felt I was ready to hit the publish button. I also learned that the more you do it the easier it gets. Great post.

    As a side, I would love to see some of your art. Do you have a website with images of it?



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