How To Write The Perfect Title For Your Crafts And Arts Blog

When I start to write a new blog post, I need to take a minute to think about the tittle.

Nobody reads my blog

If nobody reads my blog, why should I keep writing?

Your blog is good, interesting and shares lots of good information.

You have been working many hours building it up, sharing content to help people to make a craft and to solve an specific problem.

Why is that nobody is visiting your blog and read what you write on it?

To understand why this happens, we need to understand that every day, every hour and every minute thousand of blog post are written and there are many chances that at the same time I’m writing this blog post, many other bloggers are writing the same or similar blog post.

How readers will find my blog?

To make Google open the doors and every time someone is looking to read a blog about my niche, I need to write good content about my niche, but the title is the master key to make Google rank my blog in Page 1.

How to write a good title then?

For many years of blogging, I used to type a title that I thought it was the right one for my blog, I used to get only a few visits per day or even monthly.

Now, I’m learning how to blog to build up an online business, if I want my readers find me and my blog, the best thing I should do when I’m writing a new blog post is to take a minute or two and think about what Keyword I will use for my new blog post.

Keyword: definition, a word that serves as a key, as to the meaning of another word, a sentence, passage, or the like

One of the best and easiest way to look for a keyword is to go to Google and type a word on what you are thinking to write about on your post. You will see, Google will give you more options to work with.

From those options you can pick one for your title. Now you need to work a little bit more on it, if your title is just one or two words, hardly will get visitors, when people are looking for something on the internet, they are more precise on what they are looking for.

Today everyone who is writing and working on a blog as a business has a great tool that will help to get better results “Copywriting”.

Copywriting is a science that will help you out to write better content and better titles. You want better results (sales) then you need to work better (smarter)

Everyone wants to know HOW

Every time someone is looking for something to make, and this is the case for crafters they might type:

  • How to bake a chocolate cake
  • How to knit a sweater
  • How to paint with watercolors.

And if you think those titles will work good for your blog, you still can work on them a little bit more:

  • How to bake a chocolate cake like a pro in your own kitchen
  • How to knit a sweater with circular needles
  • How to paint with watercolor with your traveler set

Now you have more specific titles for your next post, and will help your readers to find you easier.


Everyone is running, no one has time to do thing anymore.

  • How to bake a chocolate cake like a pro in your own kitchen in one hour
  • How to knit a sweater with circular needles in time for winter
  • How to paint with watercolor with your traveler set this weekend

The Secret

No one shares their  secret, but everyone wants to know it, and more when its about crafters and artists, how do they do those fantastic crafts!, how can this artist paint so great!, how that pastry chef makes these delicious cookies!

  • How to bake a chocolate cake like a pro no one is telling you
  • My secret to knit a sweater with circular needles
  • The secret to paint with watercolor my teacher taught me

The Only One

You die to know how a blogger is making 10,000 dlls from his or her blog? if you write a title with the “Only way to do this or that” everyone will want to read how you do it!

  • The only chocolate cake recipe to bake like a pro you need to have.
  • The only pattern to knit a sweater this weekend you need to have.
  • The only secret you need to know to paint with watercolor like a master.

Everyone should know

Is everyone blogging this way but me?, how many times did you ask yourself, how a blogger with the same niche as you is getting so many visits and not you, what does she or he do that you are not doing?

  • Everyone should bake a chocolate cake as my mom used to.
  • Everyone should know how to knit with circular needles.
  • Everyone should use this method to paint with watercolor

A Problem + how to solve it

  • Last time you baked a chocolate cake was a mess, three tips to bake like a chef
  • You never finish to knit a sweater, follow these tips to finish it this weekend
  • Watercolor is the most difficult method to paint, I tell you how to master it

Numbers, how many ways there is to do or to make something?

Everyone wants to know the way to do or to make something faster, easier, nicer and better.

  • 3 ways to bake that chocolate cake everyone will love it
  • 5 ways to knit a sweater for this winter
  • 3 best tips to work with watercolor

The best way to do + your keyword

  • The best way to bake a chocolate cake
  • The best way to knit a sweater
  • The best way to paint with watercolor

How can you make # of dollars + your keyword

Everyone wants to make money, right?, and more if you have started a blog as a business, and it’s correct to blog as a business and build up your own business, but remember always tell the true, if you are sharing information about how people can make some money doing what they love but in a smarter way.

  • How can you make 300 dollars baking chocolate cakes
  • How can you make 500 dollars knitting sweaters for this winter
  • How can you make 200 dollars painting watercolor this weekend

Making that question.

Yes, add on your title that question you always hate people ask you about.

  • Are you still baking that chocolate cake recipe that never bakes good, then I can give you my secret recipe.
  • Are you still knitting that sweater you started last year… I’ll give you my best tip to finish it this week.
  • Did you quit watercolor painting because it is so difficult to do… I share with you my own method.


Ah, how I love mistakes, and it is said, we can learn from them, but some people just love to know other people also make mistakes.

  • 10 mistakes I used to do when I wanted to bake the perfect chocolate cake and how I bake it now.
  • 7 big mistakes I used to do when I knit a sweater, and how I learned to knit it the right way.
  • 25 biggest mistakes I used to do every time I wanted to paint with watercolor, and the best tips my teacher gave me.

I’m happy you’re still here, reading this post, and this means that today I wrote a blog post that will help you to write a good title for your next blog post.

If you find this information useful and creative, Pin It so you can find it later and use it when you work on your next post.

I thank you for your time, if you have any question, please leave a comment, I will answer it shortly.

Do you have another tip to share when you write your blog post titles?

Have you used any of this tips when you write your blog posts?

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