Is My Blog A Business? What Can I Do To Make Some Money From It

More and more blogs are opened as a way to make a business every day on the internet.

This past week was a busy week for me, and not at my day job, at home, lots of reading about blogging and business.

I’m happy to have found a few people, bloggers but more than that business persons, who are taking a new way to make business and I’m impressed on how they are breaking on their own way to do an online business with success.

My blog is my business

You can find many people who are blogging to own their online business, and they will tell you can monetize your blog to make money from it.

All you need to do is to open a blog, start writing good content and place some ads and in time you will get some money from your blog.

Yes you can do it this way, it will require from you to write good content for your niche and a lots of traffic, this way to run a blog to make money from ads is the business model from 10 or 15 years ago, and some bloggers did pretty well.

Today is different

In order to run a blog as a business, you need to learn different ways to make money.

I would like to talk a little about Affiliate Markets, as I think it is a better idea to start making money from your blog.

The most popular is Amazon, but there are many more with this kind of business model.

You need to have a blog, with a specific niche, and you will need to apply for a membership on the business with affiliates. Once you get a yes, you can display some ads or banners with a link to that company and every time someone click on those banners and they make a buy you will get a % of it.

These % use to be low, sometimes less than 10 % or even 6 %, so if people buy something that cost 30 dollars you will get just a few dollars, but if they buy something of more value, like a TV set or a lap top, well, you will get more money, and the good thing is these company use to follow the cookies, so every time someone click to them via your banners, they will count for you for around 30 days.

The more people buy from your blog, the more money you will make, but here also, you need lots of traffic to make a good income.

Business with affiliate program

Todays good business is to sell infoproduct, yes, think this is a new word, it is about products about information, to know how to do something.

As you are here, reading my blog, I guess you want to know how to make money from your blog, or you might want to know how you can open a blog. This is information, and you and many more would like to know how to do it.

Well, many entrepreneurs have found, they can make some money selling what they know. And some are now great entrepreneurs and they own big online business selling their knowledge.

In fact I am member of one of them, Wealthy Affiliate, so I will tell you something about it, how it works and why it is a good option for you.

When I think about me, a crafter, an artist, trying to write my blog about quilts, with little success, and with little sales, I had to get a part time job to make some money.

My husband told me about Wealthy Affiliate, took me one year to sign in, once I got there, I had to learn how to surf on it to get started,

Wealthy Affiliate owner Kyle, started this online business to share what he knows, how to make money on the internet, he started this company, and he shares a full training where you can learn about affiliate marketing, how to make money with your own blog, yes your blog about knitting, sewing or painting.

All you need to do, is to follow the training to know how and when to do everything Kyle will teach you. You can start for free for 7 days, you can read 10 free lessons and with in Wealthy Affiliate you can start 2 free websites, it doesn’t hear too bad, eh?

But after those 7 days, you need to sign in for Premium, first month will cost you 19 US dollars, next months will cost you 47 US dollars every month.

You might think 47 US dollars is a lot of money, but, once you read how an affiliate business works, that price will sound good, as you become Premium, you will work on building your site on your own niche, and you can have as many sites as you want to, as once you are a member, Wealthy Affiliates will host your sites and will provide you with WordPress themes, so here you will be saving some money, no need to pay extra for every site you start and for its hosting.

Next, every time some one on your banners in your site, Wealthy Affiliates will let you know you got a referral, and if that referral sign up as Premium you will get 50 %, so that means, every month Wealthy Affiliates will deposit on your PayPal account the money you are making from your referrals.

This online business sounds more appealing as the % is bigger, and if your site is doing great and you get good traffic to it, you will get more people interested on get to know how you’re making money from your site.

Well, all you need is to get people to know Wealthy Affiliate and sign up as Premium to get some money every month.

And Wealthy Affiliate is not the only online business who is doing this, according to your niche you can find the right online business with an affiliate program.

One important thing about this business program, if someone tells you will be making lots of money from day one, don’t go for it, don’t pay it, it may be a scam

If the price stays low, as Wealthy Affiliate, and they tell you that you will need to work on your site to build it up, work to get traffic, and keep working on it, the price is reasonable and the % they will share with you sounds good, then my advice is give it a try.

Why to get an Affiliate Program.

While I keep working on building my own online business as a Quilter, I think is a good idea to learn how to work at the same time on a passive income,

Once I blog Arts And Crafts Business works good, and I get more traffic on it, more people will get interested how I do it, how I could retired early and make a living on what I love, and in a great part is because I’m learning how to build up a passive income.

You can visit Wealthy Affiliate and learn it by yourself, I talk about it, because is what I’m working on, but once you get in there, you will also count with a big community, where members share with each other, questions and success moments, you might found what it is right for you to do, and you might find some valuable advices for your own blog or online business.

Having more free time to work on your next knitting pattern, or more time to create the new painting online course, just because you know you will get some passive income every month, is a good reason to try the new online business model.


You already have a blog, while you build up your own clients for your crafts and your art, why no to try to get a passive income.

Affiliate marketing


If you have any question, leave a comment, I will answer it.

If you sigh up on Wealthy Affiliate, you will find me there, it will be a pleasure to be your sponsor.




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