June, Free Month Cover Printable For Your Planner

Free June Month Cover for your plannerLately I have been working on my personal planner, as my everyday job is on appointments, I need to keep track on what I’m doing today, tomorrow and this week, with no mistake, this is new for me, I mean, this kind of job. Part time job, while I keep working on my personal business and my passion.

A part time job, is good for me at the moment, I go out, talk to people, help people to do their own work and I have just enough money to keep going. My bets are on my business, on my passion, this is the big “why” I work on this site, and at the same time I work on my own plans.

My dear reader, I hope as me, you are working hard on your personal business, most of you based on arts or crafts. If you are here I think you have on your goals list to be successful on your passion and soon do your living on it.

Today I want to share with you June, Free Month Cover Printable For Your Planner, you can download here and print it out, this time I made three of them, one in English, one in Spanish and one in French, you can take the best one for you.


June free month cover


Junio free month cover


Juin free mont cover

Printing quality will be depending on what printer you have at home, I have HP Deskjet F4480, this is a printer for family use, you might have a better printer and your prints will have better quality than mine.

This month cover has the size of half A4 paper, after you print this month cover out, you can fold it in half, then you need to make the holes according to the kind of planner you have, I got myself an Arc hole maker. You can use the one is best for you.

Next you can see some photos about how I worked to get my Month Cover ready for my planner.

1. Print it out. June month cover 1

2. Fold it. Month free cover for your planner 2

3. Make the holes on the Month Cover

Month free cover for your planner 3Month free cover for your planner 4

4. Back of your Month Cover

Month free cover for your planner

It’s always a good idea to have a personal planner with you, keep track of your days, weeks and months, your appointments, your projects, your to do lists and everything.

I will be sharing with you how my planner is getting ready, you can always visit my Etsy Store to see what new products I will have there for your planner.

Do you have a personal planner?, what is on your personal planner the most important for you?

I thank you again for making time to stop here and read my post.

Have a great day and don’t miss any of your appointments.

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