Lunch Box Notes Free Printable

Lunch box notes free printableSchool days will be back in our lives soon, so many things to do, when we work on getting ready for every morning my mind takes me to those days, at home, wake up, get dressed, wake up my kids, make breakfast and them to school, so little time to do lots of things at the same time.

One thing to never forget is to get ready the Lunch Box for everyone, no matter is you do lunch boxes the traditional way or with new lunches to try, there are so many options for lunches to try.

lunch box notes free printable

Long time ago, when my kids were young, and I had to make a lunch box for each one of them, I was in a reunion with friends, all of us had young kids, and we began to talk about what we used to had for school lunch from our moms, I can remember how well each or my friends could remembered their favorite lunch, and the less favorite, each one of my friends could remember when their moms had time to make a proper lunch and when moms were in a hurry to get everyone to school, so that day, lunch box was not a great one to remember,  even today  I can remember some of the good ham sandwiches my mom used to make for our lunch boxes, sometimes it was some fresh fruit I had, I also can remember some of my school friends got for lunch in my school days.

lunch box notes free printable

How important are Lunch Boxes for the little ones, some of our best moments of life are around eating time, and lunch time is one of them.

lunch box notes free printable

Lunch Boxes also can make memories, and to help you to make nice memories to your kids, I did some Lunch Box Notes Free Printable for you.

You can Print them out

Cut out and place one different in your kid’s box lunch every day

No matter if the lunch is a traditional one or a healthy one, add a nice note with it.

You can print out Box lunch Notes in English

lunch box notes free printable en

You can also print out Box lunch Notes in Spanish

lunch box notes free printable sp

Or you can also print out Box lunch notes and write down your own message.

lunch box notes

If you find this Box Lunch notes nice and helpful you can PIN IT so you can remember where they are and you can print them out, you can also Share it.

Do you remember what you used to get for lunch on your school days?

What is your favorite lunch to make for your kids?

Thanks for making the time to read my blog, if you have any questions, write a comment I will reply to you.

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