8 Types of Make Money Blogs

When the time comes for you to look for a way to start working from home, the idea of learning more about the Make Money blogs come to your mind.

Learning the ropes of this new way to work will help you to start out on the right foot and as you keep working on it, you’ll know the rules and will help you to build up the audience with solid bases to build up your online business.

Whether you work on the Arts and Crafts fields or not, knowing how it works will help you to achieve your goals!

There are two ways of blogging today, you can work on just one or the other, one will take longer for you to get the results you’re hoping to reach and the second will help you to see good results from your work sooner.

It’s been said many times you need to find first what is your niche, if you start a blog about everything, there are just a few chances that you’ll be a successful blogger.

In the other hand, if you take your time to think about what is your niche (topic) you want to work on, and you work on it to narrow down, there will be more chances for you to find your audience faster and create the business model you want to work on.

rules for money making blogs

Rules To Follow When You Want To Make Your Blog Your Full Time Job

Rule # 1 It Has To Have A Big Audience Interested On Your Topic

– The size of the audience will be important at the moment you work on it as a business

Lets talk a little about this topic, how big your audience needs to be so you can make money from it.

There are some tips you need to pay attention to when you are thinking about starting a blog before you hit the publish button and create your blog.

Your audience needs to be:

  • Interested on the topic you’ll be talking about
  • Big enough to make money from it
  • Have money to pay for your product or your service

Let’s think you find a big audience, but they have no money or they are not willing to pay money to you for your product or for your service, this audience will not make money for you, or they are willing to pay a low price to you

1000 people willing to pay $ 10 = $ 10000

If you find a small audience but they have money and they love what you do and they will pay you any price for your product or service.

5 people who are willing to pay you $ 5000 for a painting = $ 25000

Rule # 2 It’s A Topic Where You Can Make Money

Take your time to check if what you do is something a group of people are looking for and how much money they are willing to pay for it.

If you know in advance that there’s enough people interested on your topic (niche) and they have money to pay for it, you’ll have more chances to turn your blog into your business.

Rule # 3 Write For People

Your audience will listen and follow you if you write for them, (stop writing for Mr. Google, just to rank better)

You need to understand your audience and be in their shoes at the time to write new content for them, if you follow this rule, there are more chances they will love you and follow you!

Rule # 4 You Blog To Help People

One way or another you need to be sure you’re here to help others to make their lives better, the more you help them, they will follow you and they will read you.

Rule # 5 Be You And Be There

The best way to connect with people in your niche it’s by being you, share your story and share what you do, people are more likely to follow you if they get to know you and they read you as if they read their own lives book.

Types Of Blogs That Make Money

People have different needs, the more you help them to solve a problem or to make their life better, your blog will do better.

When you take your time to learn more about if your topic has an audience, you’ll learn more about your topic and if your topic helps people to solve a problem on a specific subject according to Maslow, there will be more chances for you to find content for your blog and build a stronger audience.

Personal Finances And Making Money

Helping people to make money or to live a better lifestyle is a hot topic to blog, you’ll find many people interested on this topic.

The new dream is to start a blog and work from home while your blog makes tons of money for you!

You will need to walk with caution on this topic, and don’t fall into making a blog to scam people, you might be making money at the beginning but it won’t last.

Helping others to have success in this topic with good tips and advice, will help you to make a solid online business.

Health And Fitness

More and more people are interested to improve their health and fitness, the niche is already too competitive but if you want to try it, you always can share your own ideas to help others.

Affiliate Marketing has a lot of chances to make money for you on this topic.

Diet And Nutrition

This topic is closely related to the previous one, as you share tips to eat a better diet, you’ll be sharing tips to improve people’s health.

This is another niche that is too competitive and it’s better when you have a career on this field already, people will trust on you more.

Healthy Eating And Food

Chefs, cooks and people with a passion on this topic have built up solid blogs sharing tips and great recipes. If you’re one of them and you love cooking, baking, or anything you know how to make related to this topic, you’ll have more chances to gain a good audience that will follow you!

Home Decor

According to Maslow, living in a place where people are happy will help you work better on other areas of life.

Who doesn’t love to live in a beautiful home?

You’re good sharing tips to make any room a place where people love to live and work!

Pinterest started as a platform where people were sharing photos of beautiful home decor, rooms and different places to be.

Your tips will be loved by your audience!

Fashion And Beauty

Who doesn’t love to look pretty and wear the right clothing for every occasion!

You know the tips and tricks to help your friends to wear the right clothing for that date!

You know how to help anyone to look better always!

Life Style

Take a look to Instagram and see how people are sharing their lives doing what they love!

Sharing your life in a small town or traveling around the world, talking about life style is something that has helped many to grow their blogs and make a full income from it.

Self Improvment Personal Development

Who doesn’t want to find the right way to be better at whatever they do!

Feeling good at what you do every day is the trick, being happy about what you are and what you do is something other people are just looking to find.

You have walked a long way, you know what to do to find the way to be here at this moment and being happy of what you have become, share it with your audience.


Parenting has changed a lot since the time I was a mother, today new parents are facing new challenges, they are looking to find good tips and advice to help them to be good at it.

Crafting And DIY

I left at the end Crafting and DIY not because it is the less important, but it’s because it is my niche and the topic I love to talk about.

There’re big chances for you to start a blog to make money from it when you help people in this topic.

Many are looking to learn the basic of something on this topic, they want to learn to:

  • Paint
  • Write
  • Draw
  • Knitting
  • Sew
  • Crochet
  • Papier mache
  • Wood carving

The list could go on and on as many things you can work on the field of arts and crafts.

From selling what you do to share your secrets and techniques to make it, you always can build up a solid business on this topic. You’re good at it, you can share what you’ve learned to do.


Make money blogging is something people are looking to know about every single day,  you might ask if  people do make money blogging?

Some are, they have learned how to do it, the art of blogging can be learned by you if you want to give it a try.

You need to learn how to do it, from starting a blog to find your niche and to write content for your audience, everything about blogging can be learned and you’ll be soon writing a blog for your audience, share what you do and help them to do it too, help them to solve their problems on your topic (niche)

As you start to work on your own blog, you’ll get to know how to build up your online business with different ways to monetize a blog, making money blogging with affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start with.

I have a FREE 10 lessons course for you to sign up today to learn more about blogging and affiliate marketing.

8 types of blogs to make money

4 thoughts on “8 Types of Make Money Blogs

  • September 3, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Thanks for this informative post When I started my blog, I didn’t have a clue about how to make money blogging, let alone how much money was even possible to make from a blog. Flash forward to today, it’s even more shocking still that I’m learning more from this post and it has all been on point. I find this article very helpful, thanks for sharing. 

    • September 3, 2019 at 7:53 pm

      Thank you Sewun Jeremiah,

      I’m happy to help, let me know how your blog is doing!

  • September 3, 2019 at 8:03 pm

    You had me scared for a minute when I didn’t see arts and crafts on the table of contents. I thought that it would possibly be a good niche topic for a money making blog. 

     Since it wasn’t on the table of contents list, I  read your blog post until the very end .  

    I was curious, are you  selling your craft items or are you just writing about tips and secrets? . 

    I have been thinking of a photography blog which would fall under “arts.”   Your comment about making certain that I am appealing to an audience that has money to make a purchase seems to be a very important point to remember.  

    • September 3, 2019 at 8:16 pm

      Hi Sondra,

      Thanks so much for taking the time to write a comment! 🙂

      Yes, I left to the end to talk about Arts and Crafts because I believe this topic or niche is important and many people are already making money from it.

      I have a blog about quilting and I get often request to buy my quilts, but I’m focused on writing tutorials and making patterns to sell, this way many people can learn to make their own quilts.

      Photography is part of Arts, it’s a good niche and it has a few great ways to monetize it, from taking photographs for clients, to making tutorials where you can share your knowledge, 

      Online curses could be another interesting way to make money in your niche. 

      You can also get inspired by some photographers who are sharing great tutorials on YouTube and they have a big audience and now they can monetize their YouTube channels.

      You won’t have problem to build up an online business based on your passion, just start with one way to monetize and grow it from there!


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