Market Your Business On Pinterest

Pinterest can be one of the best marketing tools for artists and I will tell you why.

Market Your Business on Pinterest!

You work hard to create your art and you want to make a full living from it so you can spend more time working on it, this is any artists dream or goal.

Artist have the choice to pick the way they want to work in this life and I have no doubt at all it is creating more art.

Best tools for artist.

Time changes fast and so the way people do business.

For artist these times are great, even when there’s more people interested on creating art and making their living at it, which makes it more difficult for some to get noticed, we artist have the best tools created to promote our work.

A few different platforms are ready for you to sign up and start showing your work so people know you and buy from you.

One of these platforms for you to sign up is Pinterest.

The reason why this platform is a good marketing tool for artist is because it is visual, you can upload photographs of your work and people will see it.

You might have by now your own account, but if you haven’t yet an account  all you need to do is to sign up and create one.

Build your business account.

Once you get your account you can set it up as a business account, this will help you to promote your work and your account will have your business name.

Your business account will make things easier for you as you can keep track on how your business account is doing with Pinterest insight.

You can know what your audience love to see on Pinterest and their preferences about art. Studying how your audience preferences on art can help you to make a plan and a strategy for your business.

If you already have an account on this platform, you can convert it to a business account anytime.

Once your Pinterest account is all set up, you can write down a description about yourself as an artist and about your business, you can also add your website URL.

Remember to add your “Keywords” when you write about your business, so your client can find you easier.

Start pinning.

You’re ready to start pining now, you can create  boards and add some of your favorites, don’t worry if you’re just starting you only have a few pins on your boards, quality is always best, don’t pin just because you want to have many pins, make your best selection on your boards.

Add Pin It Button plugin on your website.

To make things easier for you and for your client add on your website a plugin button to help anyone who likes your work to add it to their Pinterest boards and this way anyone will remember your work and they can find your website again.

There’s a few plugins to pin photos from website, but I work with a Pin It Button plugin.

Make a board for your art.

You might ask why to Pin your own work?

The answer is easy, when you make a board of your own art you work on curating your own art, people and your clients will then find your work when they surf on the internet.

Every time you add a pin of your work to your own board, write down a description of it and use your keywords.

Get more traffic to your website.

Some times sales will happens through Social Media, people will ask you about your art and if you sell it on it, but sales mostly happens on your website.

The better curated your own work board is the better it will work.

People will find your art board and they will be repining your pins into their boards, people love to make their own collections about art and also about crafts.

  • Art
  • Art Love
  • Oil Art
  • Still Life
  • Landscapes
  • Watercolor
  • Acrylics
  • Mixed Media
  • Modern Art
  • Etc.

People also love to have artist boards about the art each artist creates.

When people and mostly your clients find you on Pinterest, they will start repining from your art board and the more your pins get repined, more people will notice your work on this social media and they will visit your website.

The magic happens on your website.

You need to work on your website to be ready to get visitors and show your art.

You might be also ready to get some sales on your website, whether you have your own e-shop or you have your own Etsy shop, you can let your client know they can buy your work, every time you write your art content on your website you need to add the links where your client can look at your work and buy it from you.

Now it’s time to keep working on your business, I let you go and keep at it!

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