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Do you have a crafts, home made, DIY blog, and you have no idea how to start making money from it?

Time has changed, as crafters and artist, we’re so lucky to have more that one way to make money from what we love to do.

In the beginning of the blog era, there were a few bloggers talking about their crafts and art, then one by one crafters and artist inspired by these first bloggers started their own blog.

Write a blog and make money!

It was so inspiring reading those blogs and watching one by one of those bloggers starting to make money and each one of them quit their regular job and they began to work full time from home and making lots of money.

It was like the best kept secret.

How can I also make money blogging? Many bloggers started to ask themselves, a new era of blogging was about to be born.

The era of blogging when some bloggers started to share their secret selling “how to make money with your blog online course”

A few years ago, these courses where not expensive, then these courses were a little bit expensive and today you can find a course that promise you to learn everything you need from 7 US dollars to one or two thousand dollars, so you have a wide range of courses where you can learn from them.

More and more, the knowledge is open to everyone who wants to learn how to make money from home and live a better life. We are so lucky!

Today I want to walk you though with a few ideas on how you can turn a small blog to a money making crafts blog and start working from home.

Before you read about these ideas, I need to tell you that you will need to work a lot at the beginning, once you understand how the system you pick to work first, and you start making money from it, keeping at it.

Master it, learn all about it until you can work on it the best, then go and start learning the next system. Your blog can make money for you in a few different ways.


This might be the first thought you have when you think about making money with your blog, this was a good way to make money with a blog a few years ago.

In order to make money from your blog with advertising is to be sure your blog is getting lots of visits daily, in fact you will need thousands of visits every day.

If your blog is not having lots of visits, your chances to make real and enough money this way will be poor.

Another way to make some money this way is to sell the space on your blog to promote some business related to your blog, your blog is about embroidery, then you can make contact to an embroidery thread company to ask them if they are interested to pay you every month for a small space on your blog with a link to their website.

Some companies will get interested to promote their business with you, if your blog is growing and getting lots of visitors daily.

Affiliate Programs.

More and more you will see more bloggers are making money from their blogs with this system.

The reason is simple, it works quite well, it’s easy to learn how to work with it, and your blog doesn’t need to be big and have lots of visits to start making money.

You will need to work on it and learn how it works, but to give you an idea, affiliate programs work when you sign in to a company that has an affiliate system and you use and talk about their products on your blog.

When people visit your blog, read your content and find it interesting, they will follow the link to the products you talk about or you recommend on your content and they will visit the affiliate links for the company you talk about.

Every time your visitors make a buy from the company, you will get a % of that buy, this system works as easy as it is.

How much money can you make with this system?

It will depends on the niche you are using and the products your visitors buy from the company or business you promote.

If you want to learn more about affiliate system I will recommend you to sign up for a free 10 lesson course with Wealthy Affiliate and learn from them, (no scam here) I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and my blog is starting to make money for me!


A system to work on to make money from your crafts blog is to write a sponsor post.

Let’s talk again if your blog is about embroidery, and you get an e-mail from that company that sells all kind of embroidery supplies, thread, cotton and linen fabric, scissors, etc.

They will ask you if you’re interested to try a new collection of floss on your next embroidery, they will send you some floss so you can work a new embroidery with it and then you will write a post talking about it, and you will get paid for it.

I read once about a blogger who was doing well writing sponsor post on her food blog about a some brand of flour.

No matter what craft you do, there must be some company interested in getting more clients from your blog.

Working with Companies and big brands.

This system to make money is quite similar to sponsor post.

  • Is your blog doing well with visitors.
  • Is your blog growing every day to the point to get thousand of visitors daily?
  • Have you master Social Media?
  • Are you an influencer of your craft?
  • People follow you on Social Media to make anything you show them?

Then, you have more chances a big company will contact you to let you know that they are interested on your work on their products.

How about getting paid for a photo of your next embroidery using their embroidery floss?

Not a bad idea, eh?


Today, the success of a blog is related on how much you help other people.

Have you think on working on your blog to help others, you can come with an idea on how to help others on your niche.

Sell your own products.

You love what you do, and you get some requests on your blog on people wishing they could make something exactly like you.

This is your chance to work on developing your own products and put them on an online store.

  • Embroidery kits.
  • Sewing kits
  • Patchwork kits
  • Knitting kits
  • Crochet kits
  • Jewelry kits
  •  Scrapbooking kits
  • There might be thousand of ideas of different products so you can work to have a product on your niche on sale for the internet.

When you think about a product to sell on the internet you can also think on digital products.

I’m sure you might be an excellent knitter and people ask you to share your last knitted item you made. It’s time to take one day or two to write down the pattern so your friends and clients can make it too.

Online digital products.

There are a few platforms ready for your digital products, you want to start selling digital patterns?

You don’t need to work on your own online store, you can sign up for a platform like, or to upload your PDF patterns to start selling them online.

The benefits of these online products is, you work once to make them but once you get them on the internet you might get to sell them as many times as your client likes your products!

Online courses.

More and more people are learning from online courses.

As online courses are not only to learn a bachelor degree from a well know University.

You can learn anything you can think of for an online course.

And people might be looking to learn the craft you make, to knit, to crochet, to draw, to paint, to make jewelry, to sew, to cook, to bake, to take good photos, you name the craft and you will find your client.

An online course will be a good idea to start a passive income business.

Do you have a craft blog? have you started to work on making money from it? Do you find you need more information to start making money from your blog?

If you have any question about how you can start making money from your blog and from your crafts, write a comment, I will reply to you!

2 thoughts on “Money Making Crafts – Work From Home

  • September 25, 2017 at 9:46 pm

    Gone are the days when I was so desperate to supplement my income. I remember I had to put leaflets into envelopes which would take me hours for a mere pittance.

    I jumped into Amway and Herbalife. I was making money for the guys ta the top and I was earning a small commission.

    Your post has great articles on how we can make money. Thanks to the internet, we can earn and learn and have fun at the same time. Wealthy Affiliate has given me the opportunity to earn a passive income.

  • September 25, 2017 at 9:50 pm

    these are some great tips on how to make money with a craft blog. I think often times people think they must have mass product production in order to sell anything online. However, I truly believe that people do not “think outside the box” persay when it comes to selling online. You’re right…..they could sell their knowledge in a little ebook, lessons, video courses…..the opportunities are endless. When selling a tangible product, all they need to do is keep track of inventory of what they have on hand. So, you only made TWO crotchet items….well, 2 people in the world will have one of your UNIQUE creations that they cannot buy anywhere else. They want more….they will come to you….creating repeat buyers. 🙂
    Thank you for sharing!


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