Online Business Ideas For Crafters

When you love to work on your crafts or your art, you might want to find the way to be able to work all the time on your passion and make a full income from it.

Lucky us, today you can do it!

Sounds like a dream?

Well, if you are here, it’s because you already have that idea on your mind, and you might be looking for a way to start your business based on what you love to do.

You might have been working on what you love to do, and people gets interested on what your doing, and they ask you if you would sell what you do.

It’s time to start making some money on your crafts and art!

Where, how, what can I do to start my business?

I can hear you asking me those questions!

Too many questions about how you can run a business, no idea where to start?.

Well, you already have done the first step!

You know it’s time to run a business based on what you do.

Now, we can talk about how to do it.

  1. Let the world know about what you do.

And nothing better like the internet for it, you have so many tools to do it.

Social Media. You might be new to it, if you are, you can give it a try and start sharing some pictures of your art and crafts, so people can see your creations.

Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are great for artist as these social Media are based on pictures, people need to see what you do to love your creations.

Be constant, share your work often, minimum once per day.

Let them to know you and to follow you.

Remember to keep your private life for yourself and for your family, you are the one who is on control of your life, keep private and safe yourself and your family, don’t share it on Social Media

2. Your Website.

You might have a website where you upload pictures of what you do, that’s great, you already have been working on it.

Now you need your blog, to share great content on it, so your followers can read about your art, crafts, and to know more about you as an artist.

People love stories, let them know something about you as the creator of what you do.

People will love to know how you get inspired and how you work, how is a regular day in your workshop.

As and artist and crafter you might have great stories to tell the people about you as an artist, make a reason for them to buy your work.

3. Your business.

Once you open your website and blog, you need to make clear you’re here to make a business, so you can make clear what art and crafts are for sale and your price.

You can open a shop on your own website, or sell your products via an online platform like Etsy to sell what you do.

4. Make a Plan.

You know now what is next, take a piece of paper and write down your ideas on what to do as your next step.

If you already have a blog… do you want to keep it the way it is, or do you want to take the next step and turn it into a business.

You might have social media for you and your personal life, then it’s time to open a new account for your business.

You have a website already, but you have no sales from it yet, well, it’s time to write down in a few words, where you are right now, and what is needed to learn, read or study to take your passion into a business.

Today I leave you here, you have now some homework to do, but there is more to work on.

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