Pinterest Inspiration Week-End

Hello everyone, hope your’re having a good week-end.

Week-end are good for some time to relax at home, and if you’re running your blog week-ends are good for some brain storming and get some plans about what to blog about this week.

Pinterest Inspiration

More and more I read about how Pinterest can help you to get some inspiration for your crafts and arts, I have for you these boards, hope you enjoy your time looking to these amazing pictures and get some inspiration for your next work or your next blog post.


I see more and more crocheting fans everyday, each one of them are working on beautiful work on crochet, and bulding their business on their creations.

Once you learn how to crochet, working on projects can be a good idea, when you need to wait for an appointment, as most of the crochet projects are easy to take in a bag, as most of the projects are made by small pieces.

Creativity, shapes and color will make a project a piece of art!

Sophie Digard crochet scarf

Sophie Digard crochet scarf

Fibre Jewerly

There’s nothing better for any woman than a piece of jewerly, many crafters are betting to turn their crafts into a piece of jewerly.

To turn a little piece of your craft into jewerly will ask for some creativity from you, easy to do for many skilled crafters, if you are a begginer, don’t give up, keep working I’m sure with a little practice you will come up with amazing fibre jewerly,

I think this is a good idea to turn your crafts into a business idea, if you add enough value to your crafts and get some good pictures and good marketing, you will be doing good business soon.

Louise Lovell

Louise Lovell


Knitting, I could say is one of the most asked hobbies for many of us, nothing more relaxed than being working on some knitting. This is a good point to do some knitting once in a while.

Another good point to start knitting, would be to start a business, when I think about how many people live in cold long winter countries, each one of them need some warm clothing, and many of them would love to have a unique piece, warm and nice!

You can start your business selling your knitting, or start working to get some patterns to sale. Both are good ideas to start your business on your arts and crafts.

Sue Grandfield

Sue Grandfield

Week-end are good time also to start to work on your next blog post, visit Pinterest, to get some inspiration, and good ideas, if you don´t have a Pinterest account, get one, start to work on your boards and share your Pinterest on your site or blog, everyone will be interested to visit your Pinterest.

If you already have your Pinterest, leave a comment with a link to it, I’m sure I will find some time to visit it!.

Have a nice week-end and keep working on your Arts and Crafts, leave a comment and let me know what are you working on today?

If you like what you see in this post, share it, see you soon back here, with more about what to do to turn your Arts and Crafts into a good business.

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