Saying Good Bye to 2014

 Hi there,

Just a few days more and we will be saying good bye to 2014.

I’m lucky to be and artist and craft person, to review my year can be easy, I just need to look around in the house and I will get a resume on how productive I was during this year.

As a quilter, now I have a few more quilts on the walls or on some furnitures decorating my home,

As an watercolor artist, I have also a few more watercolor framed and on the walls,

I could say it was a good year for me talking about production.

But, one thing is to make a new crafted item or a new painting, and as this site is about how to make some business on what we do, I will also make a review on how I did it this year about how am I making on my own business?

  • I took a few courses about Marketing, think this subject is quite important for any entrepreneur, I needed to learn more about the market and about how to get to know who is my client according to what I do, and how to sell my products or services.
  • I took an interesting course about photography, it helped me to get better photographs of my products.
  • how to take your own pictures, arts and crafts business,


  • I opened an Etsy store, I need to work more on it, but it is a start.
  • I did my first open studio days and I got a few sales.
  • Open Studio Days, arts and crafts business,


  • I also participated on my third collective exhibition on the Salle Culturell et communitare  Alfred-Langevin with one watercolor.
  • I joined Wealthy Affiliates, on August 12th, in this past months I have learned a lot about how to get a site, and how to work on it.
  • I visited the local farmers and artisan market, I already put this on my “To do list” for 2015, I want to take part of it and get my work more known in the area where I live.
  • local farmers market, arts and crafts business,


  • I opened to new sites with wordpress  She Quilts Today, where I share my work on quilting and needlecraft, a passion I have since young. Arts and Crafts Business is the second site I opened with Wealthy Affiliates, a subject that has become interesting to me, how can I turn my passion for crafts and my watercolors, into a business I could say full time and with a good income.

So much to learn here, and so much to share, when I began to learn about it, it was hard for me even to understand what I was doing,  no doubt I did good to joined Wealthy Affiliates, where I can learn lots on how to run a site and how to do some marketing and how to make some money online from the affiliates.

So many good reasons to say 2014, has been a good year for me, it was a year to open new doors and to learn, I must say I need to say Thank You for all the opportunities I had during these 12 months.

Thank you to all the people who now have their online business where I could learn more about what I needed.

Now I’m looking forward to 2015 as a good year, I have clear I need to work harder to make my art and crafts business a full time job for me or maybe a part time job with good income.

I will be sharing to all of you, the steps I will be doing to get my online business working great, hope my steps will be helpful for you, and I hope to hear from you your success story, I hope to hear from many of you doing better on your arts and business.

Time to make our hobbies our business.

Now it’s your turn, make a list of what you did this year for your business, it’s easy to think we don’t do anything, but once you make your list, you will be amazed on how many things you accomplished, feel proud of your self.

I would love to hear from you, share your success story in a comment, every crafter and every artist is great on its own, and each one has a lot to share!,

You always can visit me on Facebook here and here, I would love to hear from you, and if you have a Facebook page, share it on a comment, I will visit you there.

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Thanks for stopping by, see you soon with more.




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