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A business is not a business with no sales.

Once you get your online business you might face the cruel reality, there are so many internet business on your niche, and every one is selling the same stuff… well now you know the truth, it might be harder then what you thought at the beginning!

The good point on this is, if you do what you need to do from the beginning it would be easier and you will own a happy online business with all the sales you need to do to own a successful business and make a life on it.

In order to achieve it all you need to do is to learn about Marketing, yes, everyone talks about it, and for many (including me) it’s a hard thing to understand for the first time.

If you are so lucky you will open your online business and in one week you will understand how to set your first website with a blog and you will get your first sale and from that point you will not stop selling, soon you will own a very successful online business and your business will be an “Instant Success”, one thing every entrepreneur dreams about to achieve.

For many entrepreneurs things might not be that well from the beginning, so I took the longer road, and in many days, yes I had a headache, there were those days I got to think I better stop and find a regular job, one week on that job, and I got to think I better go and do the right way to achieve my dreams to become a successful online business woman.

So I have been reading and studding what is need to do to achieve my goals, every book I read or every course I did, talk about the same thing “Marketing” , do it right and you will reach your goal, sooner that you expect to.

Marketing = Money = Grow

I have talked before about “My Client”, to own a business you need a client!

A client for my business is not every person living on this planet! No!! and not is either your client.

Each one of us, need to take a morning or an afternoon, sit down and write about your client.

Who is my client?

Take a piece of paper and write it down, picture him or her on your mind,

  •  Is she or him?
  •  How old is he or she?
  •  Where does she or he live? in a house, in a department, in a farm?
  •  Is he or she an entrepreneur or works for a big company or works for the government etc.?
  •  Is he or she single, married?
  •  Does he or she have any children?
  •  Is he or she a grandmother or grandfather?
  •  Think on every thing your client might have, the more information about him or her will be the better for you.
  •  Also think and write who is not your client.
  •  Etc. etc. etc. Do not stop until you know all you need to know about your client?

Now you have a picture of your client. Its time to think about what does your client NEED?

If your “client” do not NEED what you do to make a business, he or she will not buy from you!!

You need to focus on people who are your client and have the need of your product!

And that need is not a wish!

Let’s talk about this.

You are a knitter and you sell handmade sweaters on Etsy.

Let’s think about one young woman who lives in Acapulco, people in Mexico like to dress well, this young woman (30 +) like to visit Etsy and Pinterest and found your online store, she saw your sweater there and she loves it, she wish she could get it, but to wear it once or twice, because the warm weather all year round in Acapulco, she decide better to look for a light cotton dress. She won’t buy from you, she is not your client.

Now, let’s think about one young woman who lives in Montreal, Canada, where 7 months every year, winter is hard cold weather, and she NEEDs to dress warm, and she likes to dress well, she finds your online store and she loves your sweater picture and she reads you handmade it with 100 % wool. SHE IS YOUR CLIENT!! YOU MADE A SALE TODAY!

So this takes us to a second point.

You now know who is your client and this client has a need of your product but he or she also has the money to buy it.

You need clients with money to buy from you, if they don’t have money they won’t buy anything from you.

You need to decide here if you want to be working on little money price or high price products.

One example: you are a knitter, but this example is good for any creative people, artists, quilters, etc.

Your client has a need of your product and money to buy from you, they are willing to pay you from 100 to 300 dollars or even more for a handmade sweater, then you can focus on solve this problem for your client, you can knit wool sweaters for your clients and you will be in business.

Your client has a need for a warm wool handmade sweater for has not enough money to pay for it, it is so expensive, but he or she can pay 5 or 10 and even 20 dollars for a pattern, then you have your client, you can write patterns for your client, and they will buy from you and they will solve their need.

Now, in order to get to this point, if you are natural and you already are doing a good business on your niche, you need to keep on doing it and soon you will have a great business on the internet.

But, if things are not so easy for you and you wish and need to know what to do to own and run a great online business, you need to invest on yourself.

Learn what you NEED to know to own and run your dream business.

It is not imposible to do and I have seen many people are making it a reality.

We are so lucky to have internet to our service, you can find from free e-courses to start learning, from it, you can learn the basic things you need to kick off your business.

Then you will find low price online courses, less than 10 dollars, you might want to sign in to one or two courses and learn more, if your business at this moment is doing better, you can to sign up to another course where you can learn more.

To hire a mentor, who has been on the road before you will help you to achieve your goals soon, but in many cases to hire a mentor can be expensive, if you think you need it, start from low, save and you will know when the moment right for you to hire a mentor.

Conclusion: to own a real online business you need to know who your target client is and invest on yourself.

I hope I can help you to grow and to grow your arts and crafts business from here, if you have any questions write a comment, I will answer to you.

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You can download the free printable to write down all you need to do to achieve these two points to know your business better, if you only think about things you need to do for your business, you can soon forget about it, if you write down your ideas, you can go back to read them, change them or add more, keep this form on your business planner and work on it as many times as you need. It will help you to grow your business on the right direction.


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