Slippers, how to make… your business

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Slippers, how to make… your business.

Boy, it’s cold outside!,  winter, and living in Quebec Canada, can be cold outside, believe, temperatures can reach from 0C to -30 to -40 C, and I live just a few Kms from the USA border, that means, there some people here in Canada who live in lower temperatures during the winter.

And of course, Canada is not the only country that can have those low temperatures, the countries list is large, that means, we need cozy clothes to keep us warm.

One thing everybody needs to know before starting a business, will be to know if there is a NEED people must covered, and keeping your feet warm during winter inside your home, is a NEED.

One of the first things I learned when I moved to Quebec, people here are used to take off their shoes every time you enter in a house, I understand now it, when outside it’s raining or snowing or freezing rain, you don’t want everybody walking on your clean floors everywhere.

That is where the NEED of slippers come, people here use to take off their shoes as soon as they enter into the house, and if you have some friends over for diner or for a party, all your guest will do same, take off their shoes.

If you want to be a good host in this country, you need to have a few extra slippers to give to your guest while they stay at your place, won’t be nice if they get sick because they got their feet cold.

Let’s knit

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If you are a crafter, and you like to knit, you can start your own business selling slippers, slippers patterns can go from the classic slippers our grand mothers used to knit, and they are easy to make, to beautiful knitted slippers some people do, you just can look at some Scandinavian knitted slippers on the internet, they are beautiful

Prices can go from 10 $ American dollars, to 40 $ American dollars.

Not bad, if you can knit a few slippers per day or per week.

You can sell them on retail stores in your town or city, I’m sure there will be some people interested on buying them. Or you can open your Etsy store and can sell slippers from your online store.

Selling the patterns online.

This is another good idea, if you are a good knitter, and understand how to make patterns, you could give it a try to start to sell your patterns on line. You can visit some Etsy sellers that they are doing some business selling their patterns already.

The Thrifty Wolf

Anatolia Dreams

and you can visit many more Etsy stores that sell slippers already knitted.


My Slippers production for my guest this Winter

You can look at some photos of my slippers production for this winter, I found a good free pattern to make slippers, easy to follow, and the slippers looks great and easy to put on, I like to knit with real wool yarn, and these slippers can keep your feet warm on cold days.

You can find the pattern to knit these slippers on Drops Design, I change the pattern according to my knitting skills, and I like how they came up.

You can read the pattern here

slippers, how to, arts and crafts business, 3

slippers, how to, arts and crafts business, 4

I also knitted some with the classic pattern from our grad mothers. Easy to knit!

This pattern is easy to knit, Easy Steps by Drop Design


Slippers, how to, arts and crafts business, 5

slippers, how to, arts and crafts business, 6

My whole slippers production for this season!, my guest will be happier next time they stop at my place.

slippers, how to, arts and crafts business, 7

Do you have an easy pattern to make some slippers?,  Do you use to do same at your home?, I mean, take off your shoes and and put on slippers?

Hope if you are a good knitter and you are looking to start your own business, this idea is a useful idea for you.

See you soon.


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