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I just finished my last piece of art and my client wonts to pay me only 10 dollars!

Does this sound familiar?

When you want to start your own business based on your passion and your passion is about arts and crafts, unless you are a well known artist and people are willing to buy from you without questioning your prices, looks like you might be in that position often.


I write this post after reading a Facebook new status from a group.

This person does a full time job where her coworkers know she does on her free time (knitting, embroidery) and her clients always ask for her lowest prices.

Her question is what does she need to do to sell her products on better prices but not to lose her clients.

Sell your crafts online

From my point of view:

A client who is willing to pay you low prices should not to be your client.

I understand each one of us wants to make a little bit more everyday to be able to have a nice lifestyle, and that is the purpose of each business.

Today with the internet each one of us have lots of good information, so here are some points to take a look.

Running a business.

Have a product list with prices.

Let you client knows your prices and your product descriptions.

If you have discounts, let your client know about them and when discounts happen, why and how. Have clear rules for them.

Base and grow your business on your client needs and not on your product.

Let’s talk about this a little bit more, when you make a product just because is what you do and thinking you love it, it will be harder to find a client for it willing to pay a real price for it.

If you take your time studying your client needs, you will know what you client needs and he or she will be willing to pay for it the right product to you.

An example: If you knit sleepers in Mexico, nobody will buy from you more than one pair every five years just because we don’t use them all the time at home, climate in Mexico is about the same all year round and we don’t use to take shoes off every time in the house.

But if you knit sleepers in Canada, where people is used to take off their shoes every time they get in the house, you will be selling to your clients more than one pair of slippers per year for every member of the house. And if we talk about winter and Christmas, more probably you will be asked to knit an extra pair of slippers.

But if you knit baby sweaters in Mexico, there will be more chances that you will be busy all the time, as no matter how hot the weather is in Mexico, every mother used to put knitted baby sweater to babies all the time, some times mothers to be or grand mothers will order even 12 baby sweaters in different sizes from new born to 24 months.

Now, I have been working as a baby sitter here in Canada, and there is no need to put baby sweaters on babies when they are at home, as no matter how cold the weather is outside, homes are always warm inside.

If you can’t knit all the slippers or baby sweater you will be asked to knit, then it might be time to start thinking about writing your own knitted sleeper pattern.

This way you can start making some passive income while you continue to knit some pair of slippers.

Your online business

Once you decide to start your online business, it must be based to go after your clients needs.

Your client should be people who has a need and has money to pay for it.

To say “No” to a client who doesn’t want to pay for your product the right price is a good point to start.

If you have any question about this article, leave a comment.

Have you ever been in this position?

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