Thanks 2016, It Was A Good Year

Thanks 2016, it was a good year.

I know, I know, you might want to say, “Hey Ale, 2016 has been a crazy and really messy year!!, (I just can’t write down here some words that would describe what I feel about this year in just a few things.

Novembers and December had been like awakening time for me, it’s like for some time during this year I was so afraid of what could happen if Trump get elected, and on my mind there was so many crazy ideas about that. So it did happened, one morning I woke up to this reality.

As this site is not about politics, I won’t talk about it, I need to focus on my niche, and no matter what, I do my best to get focused on it and do the best I can.

There is only a few days left of 2016, so it’s time to make a review of my year, and I think it’s time for you to stop for a moment and do a review of your year, and you might discover as I did, that 2016 it wasn’t that bad.

I don’t use to make resolutions for every year, even I want to lose some weight, but resolutions don’t work for me.

This week, I had some peaceful time in my mind, and I started to look back on this year and I’m glad to say I’m happy with it.


I had some health problems, and I was so afraid of “what could that be”, as I was for a visit in Mexico, my homeland, and my mother’s tongue country, it was easier for me to make a visit to the doctor office. Hmmm, not good, but I thought, like Scarlet O’Hara, I will think about it tomorrow.


I spend that time in Mexico, baby sitting my grandson and sharing my life with my children (3) and I really enjoyed that time together. I just got great memories of this month.

I also spend some time with my mom and my sisters, nieces and nephew and it happened again, great time together.


I got back to Canada, back to cold weather and different lifestyle, but I made a decision of  enjoy life and make the best of it, I wanted to focus on my goal of losing some weight and do some exercise.

I wanted to ride a bicycle, and I got one, the first day I ride on it, I found out, I was out of shape, couldn’t ride it no more than 100 mts.


Weather began to turn better, my husband and I had a new bicycle for each one of us, and we began to take them to a cycling trail near home by the river, first days of bicycling were not too good for me, just a few minutes and that was it. But we kept on it, once a week or twice.

About my sites and my dream on getting my online business… hmmm I had my doubts about it, I was working on them, but not great hopes.


We kept on riding the bicycle, and I began to do better and I can say I began to enjoy every time we went to do some bicycling.

My husband and I began to do walks around the house for at least 30 minutes per day.

Online business. Still on the same mood, I knew I had to do something about it, but I didn’t know what to do.

Job. I had no job, so just little money for me


Exercise was getting better, I could ride my bicycle longer and better, and I didn’t miss any of our “around the house walks”

Online business. I made a decision, I needed to learn more about it, but this time I wanted to do it on my mother tongue to understand it better.

You might know what this can mean, jumping from one site to another looking for that site that is right for you, (me), and I found it. I began to read and read, and I could understand more and more,

I finally could understand where I was, and what I was not doing better, and what I needed to do to start doing better.

Job. My boss called me if I wanted to work for a few hours every week, baby sitting, -yes, sure! I will do it!!


We kept on going to bicycling every time we could, and I could do better and better, 15 minutes, then 17, and even 20, no stop, yes, you can even see here my big smile, I could do it. And my health was getting better, no more January problems!!!

Online Business: I signed up for a small course with this great lady from Uruguay Paula Lesina, and I did my first online course with her, I began to work here and there on my sites, I could see some improvement.

Job. It was steady, just a few hours every week, and I got another call, piciking blueberries, I really didn’t want to do it, but I did, just a few hours every day, I can say this is not my favorite kind of job, and I’m looking for not doing it any more.


Exercise was great, we kept on doing it as much as we could, I could do even 5 kms, no more health problems for me, I began to feel great.

Online Business. I kept working with Paula Lesina, and I joined to her facebook group and I got to met there more great female online entrepreneur, each one on their own niches, but one goal for each one of them, to be successful on their online business.

I began to learn how Facebook groups work and why joining to one is good for your online business.

I began to work on my own sites and I could understand more and more, so I signed up to another online course with Paula Lesina.

I also signed up to an online “How to do an online business from home 4 x 4” with Dori Pancardo, and I learned a lot, hey I could understand more and more.

Job, no more blueberries, and I could dance of joy!!


Excersice was better and better, 7 kms every time we did our biclycling rides, weather was great, and I enjoyed the change of the weather and the color of the trees.

Last two weeks of September is apple picking season here, and I went there, with the promise I would do, what ever I could, I didn’t promise much, (my health), for my surprise I could do better that last year, 2015 I went there and I quit after the first 30 minutes and I never came back, 2016 I went there every day, just for a few hours, but I could notice my body was in better shape and I really enjoyed every morning I did this job. And weather was fantastic.

Job. I got the call from my boss, there was more hours for me as a baby sitting, so I started to do more hours.

Online Business, I kept working with Paula Lesina and Dori Pancardo, everything was getting better and better.

Universe Message, I don’t know if you believe on it, God, Universe or a Unique Power that rules everything, but I do.

So I got a message from the universe to tell me how things works, my husband got a call, to buy a property, a good deal, and we say “Yes”!


Exercise Weather began to change, so less bicycling for us, but we kept doing our “around the house walks”, we enjoyed the change of weather and the change of color of the country, it was a late season this year. But it was a great one, lots of red trees this time.

Job. I got so busy!!! I began to work with the tree boys with their homework in English every afternoon!

And I got a online call from my sister in Mexico, -“would you like to work online doing some research work from home?”

I had to read a few times that sentence, I could get hired to do some research work from home!!!

Sure!! I would like to do that!!, so my sister and I talked via Facetime, she told me what I need to do, and how I needed to do.

Problems!!! I didn’t have the computer program to do that job!!

Problem solved, I contacted my sister and I told her what problem was about, and she could fixed it from Mexico, in one day with the great help of a wonderful computer technician.

Online Business. After finished the coursed with Paula Lesina and Dori Pancardo, I signed up for another course with paula, “Write, emotion and sell”, to learn about storytelling. It doesn’t matter you write about knitting or painting, you need to work on your online business from storytelling, learn to write stories that sell.

Universe Message. It took a few weeks, but my husband could bought the new property, and everything worked great!!

What did I learn here… some times Universe has different ways to send you a message that things are working good for you, when happiness and wealth touch people around you, that is a way Universe can touch you too.

Wealth is not only 100 dollars bills in your pockets, there is so many ways to perceive abundance around you, I just needed to opened my eyes to see it.


Exercise, No more bicycle for me, but we kept doing our “around the house walks.

Job. I was so busy, I had to help the boys to do their homework every day, and baby sited them a few nights. I must say, these boys are no problem at all, they are quiet and well educated.

My new job, the first one was hard to do, it took three days to do it, but I could do it, the second was a challenge too but it got better, and I could notice, doing some research work, I was learning a lot about new things. My brain had to work hard, abut I was learning a few new things.

I could do a few jobs for my new job, and I found how great it is to be able to work online for this kind of work, I can work on my own hours, I have always a dead time to deliver my job on time, but I can manage my time. I can say, I really enjoy doing this job.

So now I have two part time jobs that I love to do. I’m lucky!!!

Online business. I’m still working with Paula Lesina and her online group, and I found out how great is for me to be at Wealthy Affiliates and how much I can do on it!

Universe Message.

I got the visit of my youngest son, and we spend great time together I we went to visit Quebec City and I fall in love with it. It was cold, but Quebec City worth the visit with my son.

No more health problems at all, I fell like I used to be! I’m lucky!


Exercise is not as great as I could wish for, weather is turning cold, no more bicycle at all, and walks around the house, well only when the weather outside is not too cold.

Job, as busy as the last two months, but enjoying every moment of it.

Online Business, great!! I’m happy.

Universe Message:

I have been working as a baby sitter with these 3 boys for more that four years, I know them since they were one year and a half, yes I saw them walking and talking.

As I love drawing and painting, I spend lots of hours drawing and painting with them, and they are good at it!!

One of the boys, told here mother once, -“Mom, I don’t want to draw anymore as I’m not good at all at it!

As the mother asked him what was the problem, he said… -“Mom, Ale is an artist, and I’m not good at it as she is!!

So the mother told me about it, and I told this boy, He is good at it, and I love each one of his drawings, and I wish I could own one of it!!!, he smiled at me and he told me, -“you know Ale, I’m shy and I don’t think my drawings are good”

So I told him, -“keep at it, your good at it in your own way”

This week, I got to their place and the mom told me, -“Hey Ale, I have a surprise for you!!!” and she was happy.

This boy, made a drawing at her school, (he is only 6 years old), and his drawing was selected as the best drawing of his whole school, and he got a 20 Canadian dollar price in cash and a diploma!!!

The mother was happy, and so the little one.

The next day I got to their place and the mother told me.

-“Ale, I can’t believe it, my boy got another price, this time is 25 Canadian collar card for a book and art supplies store!”

This boy made a Christmas drawing at school, a beautiful blue snowman, it was selected to be part with another drawings for this area Christmas card.

This Christmas card is printed on a very good quality card and it will be sold by a company to make some money for some cause. I will try to get a photo of the card for you.

So this boy made 45 Canadian dollars in two days doing what he loves to do! drawing!! he is an artist at 7 (their birthday was this past December 20th)

You and your art and crafts

A message for you. It doesn’t matter if you do knitting, embroidery or painting, keep at it, share it with the world, someone is looking to find you.

Be happy while you work on your art and crafts, you client will notice it.

If you need help to do better on your online business, don’t be sad, there is people doing good on their business, and they are willing to give you a hand, don’t be shy, knock at the door!

If you need any help or advice from me, just leave a comment, I’m not doing great but I’m doing better of what I wished for, so I can say I’m doing good! and I will be doing better soon!!

I thank you for making time to read this article on my blog, every year can be good for you, just look back and you will see you did great.

A homework for you now.

Take a paper and a pen, and write down month by month all the good things that happened on you life, you might get surprised to see how many good things you already experienced on your life.

Remember, not everything good or great need to happen to yourself, it might happen to people around you, share that happiness and good moments.



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