The Secret Power Of Your Own Community

When I was a little girl, my mom used to attend to a sewing group, in my home town in Mexico, that time it was in the 80’s, but I still can remember those day as it could be today.

Could be a small group or medium size group, every member shared the same goal, enjoy some good time with friends who share the same passion.

Every week, the appointment was the same day at the same time, but in a different house, each member used to open their home to welcome the group for one day.

That meant, host did her best to welcome the group the best.

How to grow your own online community

Group could shared an amazing time, knitting, sewing, crocheting, having the best snacks or a little dinner the host prepared for them, group could talk about many things, trivial things, town gossip and important things.

At the end of that afternoon together, each member could go back to their home feeling so happy of that time they spend together. And with one common thought, next week they will see each other again.

Time has changed, crafts keep the same, people still knit, crochet and sew, even there’s still some groups that do the same, and they still get together to share a good moment together doing what they love to do.

Internet is here, and some business can develop a little bit different now.

For us, who run a creative business based on crafts, internet is a good thing.

Does your blog get just a few visit every week?

Are you waiting for your visitors to arrive and discover your blog?

Are you willing to pay to an internet business, so your blog can get thousand of visitors per day?

How to grow your online community via

Facebook Groups

For the past weeks I have been working on a couple of very interesting Facebook Groups.

Even these groups are not related to crafts, I have learned some things about why Facebook groups are a good idea for your online business.

A few years ago, I took an online photography course and then a marketing course from the same lady, from those courses a Facebook group came up, we were about 40 members, but nothing happened, so I lost interest on that group.

A few weeks ago, I saw a comment on a blog about vintage home decoration from a South American lady, her photo called me to action, so I discovered her blog… La Desmesurada (in Spanish), I landed on a blog ready for me, I began to read, read, and read, think I spend a whole week reading her blog post, then I found out she has a blog post about ‘Your Community’

how to grow your own online community                                                                            Arne and Carlos

Your Own Community

  • Why to have your own community?,
  • Why to have your own community is good for your blog and your business?
  • Why to work hard to make your own community?

The answer to these question is simple… once you have your own community you have a business to run.

It’s not easy and it will require lots of work and time to get it, but if you do it wisely, you can achieve it.

Once you get your own community interested on your niche, your blog/business will get more visits, you will get more people interested on what you do, do you have already some courses or products ready to sell?

Be sure you work your Facebook group as a host,

  • so your members feel welcomed and interested to follow it,
  • be sure you have new topics for your niche on your Facebook group
  • if a member is through a life problem, take time to listen,
  • lead your community to achieve each member goals according to your niche
  • keep the group safe (no problems inside the group, no bad moments for anybody)
  • keep the group as a learning and developing center

I’m happy I found La Desmesurada, I’m learning a lot from her and from her group, a group of strong ladies who are working hard to make their own online business each one of them on their own niche, with a common goal, to learn how to write, ‘Story telling’ and get sales on their own blog/business.

If you speak Spanish you can visit La Desmesurada blog, Paula has a lot to share on her blog, if you don’t speak any Spanish, you can take advantage of online translator and read some of her blog posts.

You always can find a blogger who talk about Story telling and how to write to sell, there is a lot to work on our blogs to get to the point where blogs can turn into real good business.

We, women love to do crafts, our niches are great to create a blog that turns into great online business, is you get stuck, ask for help, there are many great bloggers willing to help you out.

Find on what moment you are:

  • Need to learn more about marketing?
  • Need to learn more aobut copy writing and storytelling?
  • Need to learn more about photography?
  • Need to learn more about how to turn your blog into a business?

Don’t let a problem stop your growing as an online entrepreneur, take one step at the time, your blog/business will keep growing every week, and your readers and clients will find you, then they will fall in love with you and your business.

Now, it’s time for you to tell me, what is your niche?

share your blog on a comment, I will love to pay your visit to my blog with visiting your blog and I will leave you a comment.

Have a wonderful week, don’t stop, keep on the good work.


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