Things You Need To Start A Business

Things you need to start a business.

  • A computer
  • A cell phone
  • A few books about business
  • Some money, let’s say a few thousand of dollars
  • A long list of “To do”
  • A place for your business
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Yes that list can be as long as you want to and I even could add a few more things.

But today I want to talk about something else. Today the way to make business has changed a bit from old times, when you only could explain a business the way the big names are a business, can you think on a few?, if you don’t I can give you a few, from Coke, Pepsi, Nike to some smaller but they still make some good money, just think about those business that makes a lot of money in the same place that you live and you will see something in common.

  • An idea
  • Lots of money to start and to keep it going and then to grow and keep it going.
  • From a few employees to many employees.
  • A place to set the business
  • Hire people who know already about management, marketing and accountability and a few more skills.

Today the business model has changed, today anyone with a good idea and a good product or service can start it’s own business and grow from the smallest business you could ever imaged to the biggest business you could have in your mind.

And the best about it is you can own that big business and me too any time we are ready to start working to achieve it.

So, the question here would be, what is it needed to go for it.

There are many great post on the internet that will tell you how to start a business, today I will focus on something else.

What you need to start a business by yourself is to be ready for it.

Let’s break it down a little bit better.

You need to be ready to run your own business, and this will ask for you some strengths you might have them already.

You might have some ideas in your mind about “MONEY”.

You need to ask yourself about what ideas you already have about money and this can take you to your childhood times, and what did you listened at your parents home about money:

  • Money is not good
  • Money is only for the rich
  • Money is so hard to get
  • Money is bad
  • Money brings only problems.

It’s time for you to take a moment and sit down and think if you have some of this ideas that could have been stopping you to go for more, what about if you change some of those ideas for:

  • Money is good in good hands
  • I could do more about me, my family and others with more money in my hands.
  • Money is easy to get when I do the right things
  • Money can help me to get good things for me and my family
  • My business is a way to help others to solve their problems and it’s ok for me to get some money in return.
  • I help others to make money for themselves, it’s ok I set a price for my products or services.

Problems, problems and more problems.

Well, who doesn’t have problems in this life, eh?

I had a few, little and big problems, and I bet you have or had them too.

The important fact here is about how you face the problems. As an entrepreneur most of the time you will be solving problems every day, from the smallest to the biggest.

You need to see problems as a challenge, and you might find with time and wisdom you will be able to solve more and more problems once you get going and you will be learning more and more about your business, your market, your product, your client and of course all those challenges that the new business era on the internet will place in front of you.

I bet you a few months ago or years ago, you might not know that you could start an online business by yourself on your computer and today you are reading this post, this means you already have walked a long path and you already know a lot about “how to start your own online business”

Attitude is all you need!

Relax, don’t worry, you will get there.

Day by day you will get better, don’t rush you, don’t let other entrepreneurs that can make a thousand things right at the same time impress you and push on you.

Each one of us has its own pace.

You all need to do is to take the first step and then the next one, and at the end of the first month you can look back and you can see how much you have achieved.

Each business is unique.

You’re business is you, and you will give it your personal touch, you can follow a few online entrepreneur and they can tell you what to do and how to do it, but it’s better from the beginning you keep yourself and your business with your personal approach, your business need to be you, it need to be unique.

People doesn’t like copies, and you have already something nobody has, your personal touch, and your client is waiting for you and your product.

Technology drives me crazy!

Yes, I know, technology can give me a headache or more every day, but the more I work on my online business the more I can understand.

A few mistakes won’t ruin your business, the best think here, if you’re starting your online business is to learn from the pros, there is so many on the internet today, my advice here, don’t jump from one to another, find one that speaks like you do, that speaks to your heart.

Follow that entrepreneur and learn as much as you need to, I’m sure you will find the right one on the level you are, whenever you’re ready and you had learned from it, then you will be ready to go to the next level.

Don’t try to jump to the highest level at the beginning, from my point of view, it’s better to start from the beginning and from it go step by step to the next level, this way you will be building a solid business and soon you will be making all the money you need or wish to.

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