Thinking on running your own Craft Business

Every day I make time on my schedule to read more about how to turn my hobby into a Craft Business, reading makes a break from being quilting all the time, sometimes my eyes get tired and my fingers get sore from being quilting for long hours (I do mostly all quilting by hand).

When I see on the internet so many fabulous Quilts business, I wonder if there is room for one more Quilt business, and I think there is room for one more, and I could say a few more, if your are interested also on starting your own Quilts business, but also, I could say for any kind of craft I’m sure there is room for your business too.

Talking about the design, yes I need to be Me on my designs, be original, new and fresh, always, give my clients what they are looking for, fit their needs.

I could also talk about MONEY, is there enough money on the market, so my Quilt business get in?, I just read a great article that talks about Craft Business, on Startup Owl blog, it gives a content table of the money spend on craft business on US. You can read the full article here, it is quite interesting.

top ten US segments on sales

I’m starting to build up my own site, a few weeks ago I joined Wealthy Affiliate, to learn how to build up my own site, how to get an extra income, to learn more about affiliates programs, the first lessons are free, it will give you a good idea how to do it.

More and more, when I visit craft blogs and sites, I see affiliates programs, I’m getting to understand more about this business and how it works, getting and extra income to my part time job is good, it will help me to work more on my own Quilts, and hope soon, I can tell you I have my own Quilts business, that will be nice!




You can visit Wealthy Affiliate, join for free, learn and start your own site. You always can contact me there, I will introduce you to the very nice community there, and they are always willing to help new members.

See you there.

Alejandra B

2 thoughts on “Thinking on running your own Craft Business

  • November 25, 2014 at 1:58 am

    It’s to know that you are naturally enjoying your love for arts and crafts. Yes Alejandra, there is a BIG ROOM for everybody to run their own business to help and inspire others – you are a real testimony. All the best in you arts and crafts business. Cheers for your success!

    • November 29, 2014 at 7:40 pm

      Thanks for your visit and nice comment,


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