Thinking on starting a knitting business?

arts and crafts business,Crafts and Arts can be for everyone, it is a wide subject to talk about, I would like to start talking about what we love to do, and what can we improve to turn our passion into a good business.

Acadia Lopapeysa

Acadia Lopapeysa

This week, I would like to talk about Knitting Business

I don’t remember when I started to knit, but I can remember who taught me, I remember how I used watch her knitting little sweaters and vest for my Barbie doll, I thought it was magic, the way she used to move fast the needles, and ten minutes later she had knitted the best sweater I could ever dream to have for my Barbie doll, I think I was about 9 or 10 years old, and I thought knit was magic.

I learned from her how to knit, just the basic stitches, I could knit a scarf, and it was great I could knit!

By that time I had a new friend and she also knew how to knit, I remember we used to spend some time together knitting and talking like old good friends, we kept our friendship and we still talk about what we knit and for who, of course now we knit for our grand children, and we have learned more stitches and we do better now.

Now in these days, many things had changed, but I think, the knitting hobbies had changed for good.

Everyday more and more people are jumping back to knit, this makes a good moment to have a business related to it.

I had been in yarn stores, and I’m always like in trance looking to each one of those wonderful natural fiber and non natural fiber yarn balls, and the knitted items they have like I was hypnotized, I also had been in a few knitting classes, and every time has been a wonderful experience, to see how people gather together to enjoy a class, with the same purpose to learn more, and spend some time together with people with the same interest, I could recommend to anyone interested to attend a knitting class, only good things can happen in a knitting class!

The question would be, what kind of knitting business can I start  ?

Baby booties lion brand

Baby Booties, Lion Brand Yarns

If you like to be busy and you like to knit all the time, there’s demand of babies clothing, you can start an Etsy store and sell your items online, or you can sell your items with friends.

the new domestic

The New Domestic

There is always people interested to learn how to learn to knit, you can start a knitting classes group and charge for it.

the sitting tree etsy store

The Sitting Tree

Patterns and Yarn Etsy Store

If you’re good writing knitting patterns, you can start your knitting patterns business, you can contact some knitting magazines and find out if they are interested on your designs, or you can also start your knitting patterns store online.

Little Dandelion

Little Dandelion

Knitting as an art is another business to make, knitting a piece of art can take more work hours to make, and materials could be expensive, knitting art would be hard to sell, but if you are good at it, in time you will find your clients.

Knitting is always good, as a craft, as a hobby, as therapy or as a business,  wherever you go, if the weather is good to dress warm, you will find people wearing some hand made knitting clothes.

If you love your hobby and you love to do it, and if you are looking a way to make a better income or to help others to do it, a knitting business could be a good option for you.

You can always find more about how to start your online business on Wealthy Affiliates, and have more time for you knitting.

I thank you for making the time to read my blog, if you have any questions, leave a comment below, I will respond it.

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