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Once you decide to try to sell what you make online, you might face or think it is not easy or fast.

You opened a blog because everyone says every online seller should open one in order to sell their products, you opened and nothing happened, one day, a few weeks later and even months later you are in that same place, nothing!

Don’t get sad, there’s a way to do it, some people are natural when we talk about making a sale, but some people are like me, I need to learn what to do to make a sale.

A sale is not a moment, it’s a process

This time I will talk about the last 3 point to make to get more sales on the internet, if you want to read the 7 first points you can find them here.

1 Create Your Product To Sell On The Internet

2 Create the best photos for your product

3 How to welcome your client to your online store

4 Work on the right platform

5 Make it easy for your client

6 Do not have any distraction on your online store

7 Give all the information

product service description8. When you open your online store,

Work efficiency on your product description, write each one of them to describe you product, ask yourself what questions your client would have about your product before they click on the BUY button and write those answers on the description.

Writing your product description with the help of copy writing will help you to get more sales, be honest about your product and be helpful to your client to help him or her to decide to get your product.


9. A sale is not a matter of one instant, it’s a process -Justine Sta

Think on yourself, when you want to buy a product online, first you see it’s ad somewhere, then you make a click on the link to the online store, you read its description and you might click off that site.

Think about how many time you visit that site to read about it, or even you look to read some reviews before you decide to get it or not.

Today, selling online courses or infoproduct is hot, how to sell on the internet, how to write with copy writing, etc, prices would go from 3 to 397 dollars and you can find online courses even for 2 000 dollars, those courses promise to get you more sales and you and your store will get to the point every online entrepreneur wants to get.

In many cases, an online course is a good idea, I had bought a few of them, and I’m a happy client of those sellers, and I would buy another course from them.

But I didn’t buy any of those courses at the first time I got in touch with them when I visited their blog for the first time, I read on their blogs, I followed them on their Facebook Fans Page, I even follow them on their private group, I got in their community and I learned from them on their free online courses and I was happy with the results I was making on my own online business.

That was then when I bought from them,

So, I can say, and this is important to understand, a sale doesn’t happen in many cases on the first time a client will visit your online store.

If they don’t buy from you the first time they visit your online store, and that doesn’t happen the second or the third time they visit your store, don’t get discouraged, sad or rude, keep nice and keep on the good work.

An online client might buy from you anytime, from the first time the visit your online store or the 7th time, there are studies that say a client might buy from you on the 7th time they visit your online store, and in online courses it will take 7 months to 2 years for a client buy from you.

Selling on the internet it’s not a spring it’s a marathon.

That is why is so important to learn and to make a good e-mail marketing campaign, and always be nice and helpful to your client, sales will arrive to your store!.

Remember a happy client will buy from you again.

online business


10. Online stores, we are so lucky to have this business tool!

No matter where you live, no matter the economy of your country, if you have an internet connection you can have your own online business.

I hope these 10 points help you to understand better that a sale doesn’t happens the first time a client lands on your online store, there is a lot of work to work on before your client finds you and your product, but if you work on it, you will get the perfect client for your product and they will buy from you.

A happy client will be your best investment you can make for your online business, keep on the good work!

If you have any question, leave a comment.

Now it’s your turn: Tell me on a comment what is your product you make to sell on the internet.


10 things to do to get more sales

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