Turn Your Hobby Into Business


When you love to work on your hobby everyday, all you think it’s any free time you want to go back to keep working on your hobby and you wish you could be doing it all the time, maybe it’s time to go to the next step.

You love your hobby and you get lots of compliments about it, and even you get some request if you sell it.

You might need to give yourself a moment to think about going for business on what you love to do.



Should I start my own business?

Taking a moment to think about it before you quilt your job it’s the best advice I would listen from anybody.

You might need to think about a few things before you go to talk with your boss and let him or her to know you’re starting your new business before you quit your job.

Starting a business is a serious thing to think about.

Do you see yourself working on your crafts all day long? One thing is to work on what you love on your free time and another thing is you need to work on it to get every order ready and finish before deadline.

If you don’t work, you won’t pay bills. You go to work on a regular job because it’s a way to be secure in many ways, one of these is to know you will have your pay check every time you get it, so you can make a living and you can pay all those bills you need to pay to live the way you like.

Once you start your own business, you need to work on creating your crafts and sell them to make a profit to get enough money to pay all those bills and make a living.

Working on your own crafts business will be a challenge every day, at the beginning you will need to get yourself known by your clients so they can buy from you.

The more you get to get known you will be able to do more business, to make a reputation as a crafter or artist will take time. You need to think about it, so you can make a plan work, this plan is a must all the time but its so important at the beginning.

You will face some challenges. When you go to work on your regular job, you face a few challenges everyday, and I’m sure you can work them out them every single moment, but once you decide to be your own boss, you will be facing all kind of challenges, from the smallest like finish one small order to finish a big order.


Turn your hobby into business


All those big decisions your boss needs to work out when you have a regular job will be now on your shoulders.

  • Be creative to make your crafts unique and useful for your client.
  • Make a business plan
  • Think about how much money you will need to start your own business
  • Think about the money you will need for the first year, as every business most of the times have a slow beginning.
  • How long will it take for your business to take off.
  • Strategies to get your business known by your clients.
  • Will you be a single person business, that is called today as “solopreneur”
  • Are you willing to learn about business, management, marketing, etc.?


You need to take some time to think about all those things I said above and a few more, you will see business work is a fantastic world to discover, don’t let it frighten you at the beginning, it will get better once you learn.

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Don’t get discouraged by any mistakes. We are humans, and we learn from mistakes, so don’t be afraid to make a few, just don’t stay there.

Mistakes sometimes are a source of learning, anytime you make one, take a moment to think about it, learn from it, what you avoid to do next time, and what would you learn from it, then go and keep working on things you need to do.

Turn your hobby into business

Are you the business or your stuff is the business.

Before you go and start your business, you need to think about this, who is the business, you or your stuff.


Your stuff is the business:

  • You sell what you make.
  • You have an off and on line stuff to sell.
  • You will have your product 0 (zero version, remember when IPad .0 and today is IPad .9)
  • From a product you will work a line.

Yourself will be the business.

  • You are an artist, you can design and create.
  • Your name will be more important than your stuff
  • People will buy your stuff because you made them.
  • In time your stuff will be more valuable because you made them.

How many times we can listen about stuff that worth today a fortune, just because an artist made them, clients looks to buy from artist and crafters something they know will cover a need and in time they will worth more.

Anytime you work on your stuff to add more value to it, it will get easier to find clients interested to buy from you.

Find a way to start your crafts business. Nancy Collamer, shared with us on her book Second Act Careers six suggestions to give you an idea on what you can do to start your own business based on your hobby.

Teach others what you love to do. You love what you do, and it’s easy for you to make it, you might want to give teaching a try, many people are eager to learn something new.

Knitting, painting, basket weaving, sewing, cooking, photography, travel, and many more are hobbies in people’s mind. Many of them wish they could do it, you might want to work on making an online course and sell it, you can try Coursera or Undemy.

Once you began to work on your hobby, you found out you needed some tools to make it, why not to think about sell them, make or import them, you can start an online store and sell some tools to make easier for your clients to make their hobbies.

Online courses, are high on demand these days, you can learn how to make an online course and then work on making your first one.

If you have no idea on how to make one course, you can go to YouTube and watch some tutorials on how to make a video, one thing to start promoting yourself with your client, is to get a YouTube channel and start uploading your own videos, don’t worry if they are not professional, if you’re good at teaching people will find you and your clients will follow you.

I’m starting my own YouTube channel, I don’t have many visitors yet, but I won’t quit. I’m still learning.

Repair, fix or finish things on the craft you love to make.

You might find there are so many people who will be interested on your service.

As I’m a quilter, I listen more and more quilters who are looking for people who quilt for them their quilt tops, some people are making full income offering these kind of services, it’s know by everybody that a top to be quilted is valuated by inch, so the price is up by the size of the top.

For an easy quilting on a King Size quilt top will cost me a little bit more of 200 American dollars. If the quilting is more elaborate price can go higher.

One day a quilter here in my area told me there is a few quilters who offer that service now, all of them are over booked, if you want to get a quilt quilted, you need to call them right now and put your name on the list.

I know there might be more hobbies that a business can be done this way.

Make an event of what you love to do.

People love to meet people who do the same, if you knit, why not to make a day to get together for an afternoon and knit together.

Today a way to do this, is to call for a “hobby event” in a cafeteria, this will be good for your business and will be good for the cafeteria owner, you can talk with the cafeteria owner so he or she can offer you a special cake or sandwich for that event.

Let your clients know about this event, let them know they can sign in so you know in advance how many people you will have at this event.

I hope this time I could help you to see more clearly what to do to turn your hobby into a business, if you have any question, leave a comment, I will answer it.

If you want to know about how to open your own website and turn it into a business, you can visit Wealthy Affiliate to read more about how to run a successful online business based on affiliate marketing while you sell your art and crafts online.


2 thoughts on “Turn Your Hobby Into Business

  • April 24, 2017 at 6:09 pm

    I think another important thing to think about when you consider starting your own business is the time that you REALISTICALLY will have to devote to it. I’m a Stay At Home Mom, and I was really, really hoping to start my own business. But let me tell you, just because I’m at home, it sure doesn’t mean I have time to spare to build a business! My little kiddos make sure of that. 🙂
    I hope someday to be able to do it – but I’ve come to the understanding that the TIME just isn’t right to really put my “all” into it. Like you write, there is a LOT involved in turning your hobby into a business!

  • April 24, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Living from what we love, I think is most peoples’ dream. But for many of us it can be difficult to make the choices and sacrifices to get to that point where it will be possible.

    Great list with advice for what to consider before starting own business. Sometimes it can be easy to get so excited about the idea and freedom it can give that we forget the practicalities and the downsides that also comes with it. It has to be a clever choice that also can be practically done, and one should be willing to take the risk. But if all that is taken into consideration, I can think of nothing better than living from what I love doing:-)



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