Weekly Site (blog) planner, free printable


Weekly Site (blog) planner, free printable.

Now that I have my own blog, and I want to turn my crafts into business, it’s good to know what to do to do it.

I had been learning more about how to blog,  so much to learn about it, it is easier to be just a crafter, it is easy to take a needle and start working on my quilts, manage to get a quilt done, it’s no problem.

But when I started to blog, and didn’t like how my photos looked on the computer screen, then I had a problem, so I began to look for a photography course, and I got it, think my photos are better than 5 years ago.

Then somebody told me, my photos should had a watermark, so when people stop at my site, and they save the photo, and people will pin them and will post on their blogs, and that is ok, but having photos with your own watermark, will be easier for you to keep your own credits.

In that moment, I had another problem, how can I do that?, a water mark?, so lucky for me, my sister is a great graphic designer, so she taught me what I know about Photoshop, not much yet, but I’m still learning.

Now, let’s talk about blogging, I can do quilts, but I want to have an online business. Once more I was lucky, my husband found Wealthy Affiliates about one year ago, he told me about it, and now I’m learning about how to have an online business, at Wealthy Affiliates I’m learning good basics about online business, I have a great community to help me day by day.

One of the most important thing to do to get an online business is a blog. Now on a blog, the most important thing to have is Content.

Good content is the king.

People on the internet is looking for something, from how to make a quilt or other crafts, to how to get a better income, or an extra income.

If you like me, have already a blog, and the content is good, and you’re getting traffic, it’s time to talk about your blog, your content to the world. There’s a few things you can do to help the traffic on the internet to find your blog.

These steps are important to do when your blog is new and young.

  •  Check your blog’s feed. this will tell you how many visits you have every day, where does your traffic comes from.
  • Comment on 10 blogs or more, commenting on others blogs of your own niche will tell people where to find you, make interesting comments.
  • Find new blogs to follow, there are so many good and interesting blogs to follow and from who to learn, internet business are developing all the time, and you will find great friends to talk and to learn more about your business.
  • Find a new way to improve my blog, this is important, if you are talking about the same day after day, your content will be no interesting in a couple of days for others,
  • Promote your blog on Facebook, most of the people has a Facebook account, so get a Facebook Fan Page, you can see mine here and here, tell people what you are doing to improve their lives. They will listen to you.
  • Promote your blog on Twitter
  • Promote your blog on Google + mine is here
  • Respond to comments, your visitors are the life of your blog, listen to them and comment back to them, you will get great friends in time, no matter the distance.

It’s important to know what are you planning to do on your blog and what are you doing on it too. I made a free printable for you, two weeks blog planner, easy to keep track on what you need to do for your blog every day.

If you have more ideas on what to do on your blog and will help others, leave a comment, I would love to listen to you.

Have a great week end, and keep working on your blog.


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Remember, if you have on your plans to get your own online business, Wealthy Affiliates is the online place to be in.



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