Welcome 2016 And Resolutions Free Printable

Hi everyone

All is quiet here at home, weather is now cold and snowy, time to stay at home and work on my personal planner.

With a new month on the calendar, January will bring more opportunities to keep working on the right direction to get my and your business on the direction I want to.

I didn’t use to make any New Years Resolutions before, and this year I’m not looking to do the all times resolutions:

  • lose weight
  • get a job
  • buy a house
  • travel
  • write a book

And my list could go on and on, I don’t want to say that these kind of resolutions are not good or don’t work, they are good and they work if you work to get them done.

Once in a while, I take some free courses from Coursera.org, and I got an e-mail from them sharing some ideas for 2016 Resolutions and I got to like them.

  • Find Joy in unexpected places
  • Discover your creative potential
  • Inmerse yourself in language and culture
  • Set yourself up for Success
  • Make informed choices for a healtier life

I think these options for New Years Resolutions are good to my life style.

Find Joy in unexpected places

A few years ago, a teacher told me a story about one trip she did with a group of people in a place where the landscape was all dry and desert, people on the bus were tired to see the same view for hours, when the guide notice the people were getting bored and tired, she started to talk to the people about the richness of the color on the landscape, it happened the guide was and artist and she could see all the different tones of yellow on the grass and how well it goes with the blue sky at that moment.

People on that bus started to see around them with different eyes and they discover how rich the place could be, they started to enjoy the trip on the bus and they could discover if you see what is around you with different attitude everything can be better.

Since that day, that teacher told me that story, I use to look around me with different eyes, being a new resident here in South Quebec, I can see everything with tourist’s eyes, everything is new and different for me. And when I go to my home land, I also can see the places where I used to live with a different eyes.

Discover your creative potential

Are you working from home?, do you have your own blog?, are you working to build up your own online business? or do you want to get your dream job?, do you want to be an artist?

Then this point is very important, once you discover what is your creative potential, then you are ready to share it with the rest of the world and make a business of it.

Immerse yourself in language and culture

No matter where you live, there is culture, if you already are part of it, that is great, but if not, you will find culture is important and help us to keep alive.

I live in a small town, “where nothing happens”, well I used to think that, until I began to look for some information about cultural events in my area, and I found out there is so much going on here, from crafters markets to arts shows.

Developing my business as an artists is important for me to know more about all the events I can take part of it.

When we talk about language, living in Quebec, people is nice here everywhere, no matter where you are, if you don’t speak French, they will do their best to speak to you in English, but is always better as a resident to learn some French, in time, life is easier and jobs and business opportunities get better if you speak French.

Languages as a New Years Resolutions, are always a good option, I already know learning a new language is good as brain exercise. And languages as business are also a good idea.

Set yourself up for Success

Set yourself up for success, if you are reading my blog is because you are interested already on business or online business.

I have always thought, as a quilter, for me is so easy to work on a quilt, know by heart what I need to do to make a quilt, and what to do for my next pattern, and different ways to make a quilt different or better than a regular big squares quilt.

Today, if you want to build up a business on your passion, and your passion is about arts or crafts, a must is to learn about to build up a site, online marketing, affiliates business, building a passive income system, and the list of thing to be learn here could go on and on.

If you are working on building your online business on your art, this point is an important one to work on during this year, make a plan on your planner and make time to take some online courses on what you need to learn to start or to grow your online business.

Make informed choices for a healthier life

Exercise and diet are the most frequent resolutions for New Years Resolutions, how long will you do them?, me, not even one week!

So I like more this idea to make informed choices for a healthier life. Canada is already telling everyone here, it’s a better idea to start making the right choices about life style on healthy nutrition and exercise that to face old age in bad shape.

Doctors here are also telling to the people to go to the gym before they get any medication, (not to everyone, just to the people that can do it, and when doctors know when exercise is better for them).

For all these reasons, I also think this is a good “resolution” for myself, get to know more about what can I do to get a healthier life, not always easy to keep on it, but I will do my best.

Your Personal Planner.

One thing is working for me, it’s to keep on my personal planner on paper, today I have 2016 Welcome and Resolutions printable for you.

This is for a junior size planner. Feel free to download the color you like more and print it out, keep it for your personal use.

Once you print it out, fold it in half, make the holes you need to add it to your planner. If you like the resolutions I talked about, you can write them down to remember about them. You can make a plan for yourself on each one.

You can visit my Etsy Shop to find Stickers for your personal planner.

If you find this article useful, remember to PIN IT, and if you want to know more about how to start your own online site, and learn from a great community where everyone is ready to help you out, visit Wealthy Affiliates, you will find me there too.

Alejandra b

2016 Resolutions free printable

2016 Resolutions free printable2016 Resolutions free printable

2016 Resolutions free printable



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