Welcome !

Welcome !

I welcome you, my lovely visitor to my new site Arts and Crafts.

I have been making crafts since I was a little girl, with the thought of making art some day,

this takes me to the question, what is the difference between arts and crafts?,  some people could

say difference is about what kind of material is used, but today, we can see and find great works

with all kind of material.

And some people can say, difference between arts and crafts, is based, on experience, when someone

is an apprentice, he or she is making crafts, and when a person has learned fully to work and create

with his or her talent, that is art.

Passion to create and share.

Yes, I have a passion to create, I can not see something wondering to myself, what can I do with it,

I have been glogging for a few years, so now, I have learn to share what I do with my friends and my

blog visitors.


I hope you may find here something you like and want to make, or why not, to want to buy from me.

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