What Do Best Selling Artists All Time Do

Have you ever wondered why some artist can get sale after sale, no matter how expensive or how good their work is?

You have a dream to become a successful artist but you don’t know what to do, and you would love to have a guide to follow.

To make a dream to become true, to start making a living from your art looks like something that is impossible to do!

Well, the good news is today I’ll tell you what do best-selling artist do all the time, and you can follow their steps and before you notice you’ll be selling your art and making a full income from what you love to do.

Today is easier to know what successful people do to reach their success and if you want to follow their steps, in a few weeks, in a few months, you will notice a change in your business, today is easier and possible to reach success doing what you love to do: your art.

1 – Learn

Successful artist don’t stop learning ever, they know today more than ever it’s important to learn, and not only about the art they do, no matter if it is painting, writing, wood carving, knitting, crochet or any art you do.

They know, it’s important to know everything about business, you might be great at your art, but you might need to learn something about business, sales, marketing, design, cash flow and many other things business related.

In a world where every day a new website is open every single second, many artists are opening their own website with the hope to share their art to the world and this way to get a sale.

You need to know what it is all about opening a website, and to share your art on it find some followers that within time they will become your clients.

One thing is starting to write a blog and another thing is creating a website to make a business for your art.

You will need to learn everything that is involved about creating a website, SEO, metadata, keywords, Social Media, Copy Writing, platforms to sell your art and different ways to get paid for your art.

This might look like an endless list to do, but you can start learning from the experts and get a good mentor who is willing to share the right path to follow and before you know, you’ll have a website created the right way to sell your art. (I wish I could have learned all this before I created my first blog)

The time is right today to start learning what you need to learn to create a website to sell your art, you can sign up today to the 10 lesson FREE course to learn about how to create your website and create a free website.


2 – Daily Habits

Successful artist create daily habits, it’s important to spend time in your studio creating art to sell, but you’ll learn it’s also important to spend sometime writing new post for your website to share your new work to your client and followers.

When you create some daily habits, you can create a routine to create more art but also you can create the great value content to share on your website and on your social media around your work to get more sales.

Weekly or monthly calendars and to do list to work on, will help you to know everything you need to work on and this way your calendar will let you know in advance how much time you need to work to create sales and how much time you’ll have to create your art.

3 – Plan and design their success.

Success is nothing that happens like magic, one day you’re at your studio and voila! you’re a well-known artist who can sell your art for lots of money. No, that doesn’t happen this way!

You need to work to make a plan and design your success.

A dream without a plan is just that… a dream!

You need to know how to create a business plan for your career as an artist, what steps you need to follow and what things you need to work on.

Weekly, monthly, and one and 5 years plan.

What artist do you want to become in one year? What steps do you need to work on to reach that point.

Are you an artist who wants to work from home, but you have no idea where to start?,

Maybe you want to open an Etsy store and start selling your art there.

You have heard about some artist who are selling their art on Facebook and on Instagram, but you don’t have any idea how they can make that happen.

An Etsy.com store and creating a Facebook fans page and an Instagram account can be a good idea to start, and don’t forget about Pinterest, you can get a few (or many followers there) who will be interested on you as an artist and they will become your clients later.

It’s time to get a notebook and start writing down all those ideas, make a list, and start working to create a plan and from there you’ll get the best strategy to work on.

4 – They do what they need to do when they need to do it.

There’s some time to create art and there’s time to promote and sell your art.

It’s time to start working to put your art in front of your client and let them know your here making art and your store is open for business.

You can’t stay all the time in your studio creating art and making no sales, unless you want to hire someone who gets in charge of making sales for you, but you will need to split your money with that person.

Today, artists need to do many different things to create, promote and sell their art!

You will be in charge of everything at the beginning and this will help you to know your business before you hire someone else to be in charge of some part of your business, this way you’ll be always in control of your business.

5 – They have a coach (at least)

Many artists hire a coach to help them to create better art.

Many artists focus on creating art and more art.

Every artist will need more that one coach today.

  • A personal coach.
  • An art coach.
  • Someone who is good at sales. Someone who knows a lot about business.
  • Someone who knows a lot about your art, and helps you to create better art in your own style and create the art your clients will love to buy from you.

what best selling artist do


Now here you have, a few ideas where you can start working to make your dream true!

Nothing is impossible and the more you know, it will get better and easier to do.

Think big, because you can make it happen.

Soon you’ll have that amazing website where you can share your art, and you’ll learn how to manage your Social Media to share your art and let your client know you’re open for business.

If you have any question about this article, leave it in a comment and I’ll answer to you.

Sign up today for the Free lessons course to learn about how to create your own website.

If you have already a website, you can also learn how to create the best content to share on your website and on your Social Media, so you can start making more sales.

When you learn about SEO, keywords and how to write metadata, you can see how your online business will start taking off and you’ll start selling your art.

You can follow me on Pinterest to know more about what you can do to help your art and crafts business to grow

You can sign up today to Wealthy Affiliate to learn to create your own website and sell better your art and crafts, you’ll find me there and I’ll be happy to help you to build up your own online business.

If you want to come back to my website to learn more about art and crafts business, PIN it so you can find me later.

what best selling artist do all the time

10 thoughts on “What Do Best Selling Artists All Time Do

  • March 3, 2019 at 7:00 pm

    I really liked the way you associate art with a blog.  Very true, our blogs are artwork and we need to take care in creating each post.  I have been doing this for 2 1/2 years now, and I am still not getting much revenue, if any at  all.  I have found a friend who is helping me get with it.  My problem has been that I don’t put any revenue related ads on my site.  I know that this is something I have to work on to achieve a work of art!

    • March 3, 2019 at 9:13 pm

      Hi Matt’s Mom

      Thank you for stopping by today to read my blog.

      I would love to know what is your website about.

      There are many ways to start making revenue from a blog, ads is only one of them, and you need tons of traffic to see some good money in your pocket.

      Another good way to make money from your blog is to start creating info-products for your niche. This way, as you create one strategy to create content for your blog, you create the info-products for your client, and you won’t need tons of traffic to start making some sales.


  • March 3, 2019 at 7:04 pm

    What a great article, a great way of showcasing your art and how to make an online business. I like that you have added visuals of an artist building their website, I take it the drawings are yours?

    Are you finding that your art sells well from your website, more than say local outlets?

    A good explanation of how to build an online income from your own work.

    • March 3, 2019 at 9:10 pm

      Hi Louise,

      I thank you for stopping by today to read my blog.

      Yes, the illustrations I share on this website are mine, I think this a way to share something of what I do and it helps to share some of the steps any artist or crafter should be working on to build a business for what any person love to do or to make.

      There are many ways to sell art and crafts today off and online, but the best way to start getting sales everyday is to find the right client for you.

      Once you get to know your client, it will be easier to sell your art or crafts to them.


  • March 3, 2019 at 7:05 pm

    I really enjoyed this article. I feel like it is always important to never stop learning  in any career field. Do you personally make art and market it? It does sound like you know the ropes, it is always nice to learn from people who have been in those shoes. This is very inspiring, thank you!

    • March 3, 2019 at 9:06 pm

      Hi Alisha,

      I thank you for your time to read my article and write a comment.

      Yes, I’m also an artist and a crafter, I love to make quilts and I also do watercolor.

      I’ve been working to create my own online business, and today I can share some steps I’ve been working on and which are helping me to create my business.

      As I work on my business I also love to share what I find that works good for me!


  • March 3, 2019 at 7:07 pm

    Wonderful website- I like how you have made it easy to understand at the same time made it imformative. You could try and give your perspective on this and talk about your experience so that the readers can relate. But overall this is great for those looking to work an online business to sell their art.

    • March 3, 2019 at 9:04 pm

      Hi Hbee,

      Thank you for your time to read my website.

      I’m glad to know as I share the steps I work on to build up my own art and crafts business I also can help other people to create a business for them.


  • March 3, 2019 at 8:17 pm

    Thank you for this post! It is interesting how you mentioned a ‘system’ which is recommended for artists, I always imagine artists as ‘carefree’ and not having a plan, but in our time it is hard to shine if you don’t work on your learning and growth. Thank you for this very informative and well structured post. I like how this can also be applied to non-artists too. I am an interior designer and find these tips very useful.

    • March 3, 2019 at 9:02 pm

      Hi Sahar,

      Thanks so much for making the time to stop and read my blog,

      I’m glad you find this blog post helpful and it will help you to create a system for your business, it’s true, many times we all think artist are “carefree” and they don’t do anything for their business.

      More and more artists are learning how to run their business and they find what works for each one of them.

      Interior designing is also another way to make art, making any room to become the room their owners love to be, that is also call art.



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