What is The Right Niche For Your Blog

The right niche for your blogHello everyone!

So, I decided I want to start a blog… but what am I blogging about?

Today everyone on the internet is blogging, they say anyone can start a blog in 15, 10 and even in 3 minutes!, and it’s true, Blogger and WordPress have their platforms ready to welcome you to start a new blog. It won’t take too much time to start your new brand blog.

To start a new blog is not a problem. To find the right niche for your blog that is the point!

Every minute there might be hundreds or thousands of new blogs on the internet, some will be successful but the majority will  never survive, and in a few months their owners will forget about them, and all these forgotten blogs will stay forever on the internet, just like another more blog.

So, what does it take to own a successful blog?, what I need to do to own and grow the right blog?

A big part to own and grow a successful blog is on what NICHE you choose for your blog.

the right niche for your blog


I have been reading about how to choose the right Niche for my blog, and everyone say to make a list about:

  • my hobbies
  • what my passion is
  • what I love to do or make
  • what I love to talk about
  • what I’m good at
  • what people ask me always to do for them
  • what people ask me for advices on

Once I have these list about what my passion is and what my skills are on, I can have a departure point to choose the right niche for my blog.

the right niche for your blog


As cold as it is, this is the truth, if you pick a niche which you have no the skills to write and talk about, you will never be successful.

You must choose the right niche for your blog, on which you are the best on and it’s easy to talk about.

But don’t get sad, once you know what you are good at, and you love to write and talk about, the good news is, everyone is good on something, everyone has a passion about something, and there is always someone to look to know and to learn about one particular subject.

So this is getting better, there is always a niche waiting for you to start writing, talking and blogging about it.

Now, the second part about how to choose the right NICHE is to get more specific about it.

Let’s talk about one example here, let’s say I love to knit, and I’m good at it, and I would love to make a business on it, after all, everyone is talking on the internet, I can make a ‘real business’ a ‘six figures business’ on what I love.

But, and yes, there is always a but about starting a new blog about ‘Knitting’, there are already so many about that niche on the internet, from real good ones to small ones, so you need to get more specific about it.

Keep on your mind, there are so many people looking to read a blog about knitting, and I’m one of them, I just love them even I’m not good at, but I love to spend my time knitting.

How can you get more specific for your Niche.

Think on what people is looking for:

  • to knit baby clothing
  • to knit wool socks
  • to knit baby’s blankets
  • to knit sweaters for the family
  • to knit blankets
  • to knit winter hats
  • to knit scarfs for winter
  • to knit mittens and gloves for winter
  • etc.

Now we are talking about more specific NICHE for your blog.

Once you made a list of more specific things you can make on your crafts business or blog, we are on the right path.

Now lets talk about what your blog audience will be.

Once you decide to write and start a blog, you need to decide what you want to start it about.

  1. Will this blog be for yourself as way of a diary, as a way to keep track and share what you do. On this case, it’s always good and you have the right to do it, and it won’t require much knowledge to do it, and you can also do it great, and you might find blogging this way, you can also be successful and later you can start a real good business on it.
  2. Will this blog will be to start a business based on what you do. If you decided you want to start blogging as a way to start a business, you need to know before you start blogging, some ‘how to” blog the right way, this way your path to business blogging will be easier and with more chances to be successful. There is already so many online business talking about ‘how to blog for business’ it won’t be hard to find the right one for you.

Let’s talk about how to know what your audience and later your clients will be.

As easy as to look at yourself in a mirror. Every time you want to start a new knit, what are the problems you face at?:

  • To find the right pattern
  • To change this pattern for me
  • To find the right wool
  • How to find the right knitting needles for his particular pattern
  • How to know if I can knit this particular pattern with wool or with cotton yarn
  • How long will this pattern take me to finish it
  • How to keep myself motivated to finish it
  • Can I knit two different patterns at the same time
  • It is a good idea to get a wool just because is on sale
  • How to know how much wool I will need to buy.
  • How to take care of hand made knits
  • Can I sell my hand made knits

Now you have a pretty good idea on your audience problems, and this will be the core of your blog in order to be a successful blog.

the right niche for your blog


With a blog about cooking you help others to cook, and you share cooking recipes.

With a blog about fashion you inspire people.

With a travel blog you help people who travel and to make their trip more special and unique.

With a blog about knitting you can inspire people to knit and share patterns, and make knitting easier.

To this point, I hope you have more clear your own NICHE, it is not hard to think on what you love to do. Now you also have

The secret for a successful blog is to write for your audience

You need to know them, who are they?

  • How old they are?, it is not same to write for people in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or in their 60’s
  • Their need, problems and passions or hobbies are different.
  • New moms and grand mothers have different problems to solve.
  • Women and Men have different lifestyle and different problems to solve.
  • Moms with young children faces different problems than moms with teen agers at home. Food, clothing, chores are different, you might have the perfect solution to their problems, but you might not have a solution for everyone’s problem.

Your blog should be more specific on your Niche

If I want to solve my problem about what to cook for next Saturday BBQ dinner, I won’t be reading a blog about the perfect new lifestyle for new moms.

I will google for “What to cook for the perfect BBQ dinner” or “The best recipe for the best BBQ”

There is more chances I will be reading a blog that writes about BBQ dinners.

These days, there are more chances to have and grow a successful online business if you write a blog to solve a specific problem.

Making life easier to others is the best way to be successful today with your online business.

My last advice, if you are a creative person, and you have many good ideas for your blog niche, focus on one, start your blog on it, learn from it, do it the right way, and if your blogging as a way for making money, learn how to.

Once you make a real business on it, then you can start one more, and it will be easier, as you have learned all you need to.

If you are still here reading my post, I congratulate you, you have a real interest to do it the right way, and you will do it.

I will be writing more about how to blog the right way in order to own a real and good online business, but one step at the time.

This week you have already some work to do, write down all your ideas on a paper, once you have the right niche for you thinking on your audience and their specific problem to solve, you have the right path to start your own blog and online business.

Leave me a comment!

If you have any question about this article, please leave a comment. If you have a tip about how you got your own Niche idea, it’s always nice to hear about others ideas, this is how we grow a community, we help each other.

Thanks for stopping by and read my blog.


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