What You Need To Do Before You Write Your Next Blog Post

Congratulations, you have started your blog and you have been working so hard to write great content on it, you have been following all the rules you have read and heard about it.

Time goes by and you still don’t see yet all those great results you are wonting to happen.

Don’t feel discouraged, I think most of the bloggers feel that way, internet changes so fast lately and every blogger needs to keep on it, there are so many things to work on them to catch up with, all these daily changes.

First, you need to stop thinking about a blog will make money for you, the point of view needs to change, you are an entrepreneur with an online business, and one of your business tools is your blog.

A blog will help you to connect and be in touch with your client and you will let him or her know about your product or your service.

So you have a product or service that you have created and you want to do some business around it, and you keep your fingers crossed to make an income from it.

Before you start talking about it on your blog and write a blog post about it, there’s a few thing you need to do to write that post that will go right to your client.

To make some business today on the internet, you don’t need 100 K people read your blog, not even a 1,000!, you need to get that blog post to your client, if you get a 100 people to read your blog post and from it 50% are interested on your product you will get some sales.

What to do to write a good blog post.

1. Get your idea.

You know your client, so once you know who is your client and what problems he or she has that your blog post can solve you know you have a product that has some demand on the market.

But are you sure that is the right product your client is looking for?

2. Make your blog post valid

To check out if your blog post will be valid on the internet and your client will find it to read , you can go to Google and type it out, you will get Google results, so now you can check if there is some people interested on your blog post, and you can check here also how many bloggers have some blog post related to yours.

3. Use a Keyword Tool

You can use Jaaxy.com and sign up for free, you will get 30 searches for free, by doing this you will know how many people is interested on your blog post or on your product.

If you want to find another good keyword tool, you can sign up to check it out on Wealthy Affiliates.

4. Find a catching title for your blog post.

Most of the blog post that get more reads is just because their titles, people will brows titles and will open only the ones that will catch their interest, they are looking to solve a problem!

5. Find the added value of your product.

One way to get more sales is to know what is the added value of your product, this will make your product stand out from the rest.

If your product solves your client’s problem but also it gives more of what your client expects from it, your client will be happy with it and will recommend it to its friends, family and on social media.

6. Write your Blog post.

Now you know all you need to write a good blog post, you don’t need to write a 5,000 words blog post to rank good on Google.

If you follow these 6 points to write your next blog post you will be reaching more people that are looking for your product or service and they will become your next client!.

7. Remember to check up all you need to do to get a good SEO so Mr. Google find your post and open the internet doors for your blog post.

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After you finish to write your next blog post, be sure to share it on your Social Media, your client is already there talking about its problems and hoping to find a solution for them.

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