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Now that you have found your niche, you might be asking yourself, if you would start your own blog, here are some good reason why to start your own blog.

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1- To become a better person

Writing a blog will develop many skills on you, some of them will be:

  • writing
  • communication
  • be social
  • commitment
  • be organized

2- To help other people

You already have a skill many people is looking for, you are a crafter, you have your own knowledge of your crafts, when you start blogging, you start to tell your story to others, people will love to know more about what you do, how do you do, and how do you sell your crafts.

There are many people looking for what you do as a hobby, and they will be happy to read you and to learn from you.

3- Get social

Nothing like sharing your knowledge to get you social, once you start your blog about your crafts, there will be people who will follow you, they will comment on your blog, and you can built a good friendship or seller-buyer relationship with your visitors.

You will meet new people, artist, crafters and blogging people are nice, empowering and supportive.

4- A blog can help me to start and grow your business

A blog is a perfect platform where I can share with my potential clients my art and my crafts, here I can also share your own story about why you are starting your craft business.

5- Making a better world

As artist and crafter, I love to share my knowledge, I’m sure, there is people on the internet who wants to learn more about my work, if I can help from my blog others to start crafting or starting their personal business from crafts. That would be nice and I would like to think it will help to make a better world.

6- Be more confident

Having a blog, planning your post, developing good content, telling about your story, will help you to talk about you, your crafts your art, and you will develop more confident on you and your work.

Once you get traffic to your blog, you will get comments, and most of them will be nice and honest comments, for any artist and crafters, great comments will help you to be more confident and talk and show more of your work.

And there will be more reasons to why you can start your own blog, many of them will be your own and personal reasons, if you already have your blog, and you have found more reasons, leave a comment, I would love to read about it.

Take care, see you soon here


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