Work at home for Crafters

Work at home can be a good idea, everyday more and more people decide to be entrepeneur or freelance.

To be more productive, there is a list of tips that can help you.

workplace at home, ale balanzario

– Get a place as your office or workplace.

Gather all your materials beforehand, so when you start your work day, you don’t get distracted looking for something you need.

– Make a Schedule

Think of your work hours as a formal job, do what you need to do for your home chores before you get to your workplace, once you get there, stay focused on your to do list.

Be sure to make time on your Schedule for meals and for some exercise.

– Get dress as if you were to work in an office

You need to change the chip from “staying at home all day” to “working mode”, it will make you feel better while working.

work at home, ale balanzario

– Never mixup home chores time with work time

Wake up, have your breakfast, get dressed, clean your bedroom, set the laundry machine and go to your workplace and start working.

Once you’re working don’t stop every 10 minutes to check the laundry machine. When you take your lunch time, you can also take the laundry to the clothes line, this will give you the opportunity to break the routine and do some walking.

When your lunch time is over, go back to work. If you take a coffee break every 30 minutes, to stay focused on your work can be difficult to achive.

– Make room in your Schedule to answer your mails and social media from the restof your job. It’s important once you have done it, closeoff them, don’t open them again until you finish your work.

Social media can keep you on it for hours, that is not good for your work.

– Set up your Priorities

Be clear and realistic when you set up your priorities, if you’re not, and you start to do more of what you can accomplish, you can feel frustrated of doing not enough.

Get to know yourself, your own pace, your time and other responsabilities you have, this will make everything easier.

Hope these few tips help you to get more focused on your work, when you work at home, as a crafter, I know sometimes I have a “To do list”, and all I would like to do is to keep working on the quilt or the knit I’m making in that moment.

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Alejandra B.


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