Work On The Right Platform For Your Business.

As important as your product is the right platform you get to work on the internet.

I already told you some about your client, your target, and once again, I must say, not everyone will use the same platforms on the internet, so you need to find out where your client is.


Lets talk about some examples of platform where you can sell your product online.

As a plastic artist you might want to sell some  original work, first you need to get your website, one where you can display your art, you might want to get a WordPress website with a paid theme.

Once you get your website set, you can sell your original art from there, you will need to get the right traffic to it, so you get enough clients interested on your art and get some sales.

In order to get the traffic you will need to work on Social Media, so get it visual, Instagram, Facebook Fan Page, and even Pinterest.

Now, as an artist you might want to start selling prints of your work, and you want to be in control of the printing quality and shipping, an Etsy shop might work for you, where you can post all the prints you have for sale, get sales from there and you will do the shipping by yourself.

You want to sell some prints from your work, but you don’t want to work on it get it printed and shipped, a Society6 shop might work for you, where you can upload the files of your work, and Society6 will print and ship the prints for people who buy prints of your work.

If you work on something like knitting, crocheting, quilting, sewing, and I don’t want to classify your work as craft or as art, as I think no matter what you do, you can make it as a crafter or as an artist, both ways to do have a lot of value to me.

So lets think you work hard on what you do, and it’s time to start selling what you do online, first once again, the first step is to get a website, Blogger or WordPress, well it will depend on what you want to do with your website, there are many bloggers making good business and money from blogger, it will depend on how well you work from it.

But if you want to get it more formal from the beginning I will think on WordPress, with a professional theme, and work on it as professional as you can be, and don’t worry if you are not a professional, at the beginning no body is a professional, most of the great bloggers had learned what they know from the beginning.

One good thing to start with a professional website from the beginning is your client will know where to find you from the beginning, when you start your website as an amateur and you get some clients is great, the problem will be when a small website is not enough for all your needs as a business, there will be a moment where you will need to emigrate to a professional website and then you might lose some clients.

Once you get your website working, you need to decide where to sell your products, from your own website with a e-shop or on another platform where you can upload your products and get sales from it like Etsy and once you get a sale you will ship the item to your client.

If you decide to do this way, remember you will need to work hard on Social Media to find as many clients as you need to keep your business going. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and a Facebook Fan Page.

Just remember, not all the people will be your client, you need to find your Target client, post your product where your target client is.

If one platform doesn’t work for your business or for your product, it might not be the right platform for your product because your clients are not there.

Take a minute or two after you read this post, and write down what is your product, and on what platform are you working right now,

  • Do you get enough sales from it
  •  Is your business working the right way you want to
  •  Do you have returning sales the way you are working right now?

If your answers are “yes” keep on it, but if your answers were more “no” you can do this:

  •  Visit your competition, yes, visit the artists and crafters that make similar products like yours, and remember, we need to do this not to copy, never to copy, but to get inspired.
  •  Check what platforms these artist are working with, do they get sales? do they get clients?
  •  Study, what are these platforms they are using and why.
  •  Learn more about how these platforms work.
  •  Try one of those platform and see if your target client is there.
  •  Then blog about your work and your art, and get social, let your target client about you and your work.

I hope these tips can help you to get more target client and more sales.

This time I have a printable for you, you can print it out, and keep it on your business planner, write down on it, if your business platform is working ok, just keep on it, but if it’s not, write down what steps you will do in order to get found by your target client and get more sales.


You can read more about the three first steps about your online business here:

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I thank you for making the time to stop and read my blog, if you have any questions about the right platform for your online art or craft business, leave a comment.

Now it’s your turn, write a comment and tell me what is your business? it’s time to share what you do, your client might read your comment and will visit your website from here!


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