Your Online Business And Summer

Enjoy your vacations while your online business is working for you. Summer weather is so nice, you might want to take some days off, what to do with your online business and Summer?

Now that you have your online business open and running, you know you need to work on it every day.

Creating new content, sharing it on Social Media, checking on new comments and writing the answers to them that is just one “to do” list you need to work on it.

You might have a main “to do list” as an artist or crafter that might keep you busy most of the time, creating and working on your art and crafts so your business can have some sales and make you a good income for you.

Everyone deserve some time off.

One of the one things about your online business is you can work on it the way you have decided to work on it.

There’s different kinds of online business, it will depend on the model you had picked for your business.

You can decide to work on it 7/24… as your clients might visit your website from all over the world, but this is not a good idea, no one can make it.

One good thing about working on your own online business is you can work on a calendar to schedule your times and your events.

There’s also the online business that once you learn how to set it up and how to run it, these business will keep making money from you even if you’re on vacations. These business will require less hard work and they will make more free time for you, so you’ll have enough free time to enjoy those dreamed vacations, and the best of it, these online business will make the money so you can go there with no regrets.

Some of these online business are the ones that use the Affiliate Marketing model, you can learn more about it for free here. (affiliate link)

Wealthy affiliates

Mark down on your calendar some time for your vacations with time.

The best way to make a business plan is to make it long term, medium and short term.

You can take a day to work on it, and think about your business idea for the next 5 years. Write it down on a paper.

You will need to work on a year plan, write down your goals to achieve and everything you need to work on to make a plan.

While you work on this plan, you can color a full week or maybe two for your vacations.

Remember you’re working on a plan, plans need to be achievable and flexible.

For the moment, you will know you have already a week or two already colored for your vacations, July or August, if you need to make any changes, you can make them later according to your work plans.

Keep this years calendar where you can take a look at it often, while we get to work on a regular basis, we used to get to busy and write down an appointment and the next one, and before you realize you will get every month calendar full with all kind of appointments for your business.

When you have your vacations time already marked on your calendar, every time you work on a new appointment for that period of time you will notice those weeks are already taken, and you can make plans for before or after your vacation period.

If you need to make any change on that period of time because an event or an appointment is important for your business, remember to mark down another week at that moment, before something happens and you get too busy and you forget about taking some time for yourself and for your family and life will get then no vacations at all ever.

Make plans for your vacations.

When you’re working on your own business, with time you will become a master of planning.

Here is where you can also make great plans for your vacations and get the best for them too, it doesn’t matter if you’re going on vacations by yourself or with your family.

With a good plan, you can get the best deals and have the best time.

Should you say “good bye” to your business during your vacations?

So many good things we have at our hands to keep going our business with the internet even if we are on vacations “mode”

You won’t be working on your “studio” or on your “workshop”, but you can set everything for your online business to keep on.

You can work on one or two “blog post” for your website and schedule in advance for the dates you want them to be published.

You can write a blog post to tell your visitors and customers that you are on your vacations but you still there.Artist and Crafters are humans also and deserve to have good times too.

While you’re on vacations enjoy to the best, your business is still there, more and more people who run their online business are seeing the benefits of having an online business as the clients know once in a while people takes some time off and after it, business owners will return to their business.

Social Media and Your Business while you’re on vacations.

Should you share any content or not?

You can schedule your posts you want to share on Social Media in advance, so your clients and followers will get some great post about your art and crafts, and you can get on Social Media once in a while to answer some comments.

Just remember you’re on vacations and try to do the best of it, now Social Media 100 % of your time.

What you should share on Social Media while you’re on vacations?

Artist and crafters are people too, you have feelings and you deserve to have good times too!

While you’re having good time during your vacations your clients and followers will enjoy your good moments too, Social Media is full of good moments!

Share something of what you’re doing, share some moments of inspiring moments!

Artist and crafters get inspirations of good moments, your next collections might come from that moment!

A sales doesn’t happens in one moment, a sales is a product of sequence of moments, and your good moments are also an strategy for your business too.

Your clients and followers will love to see what moments inspire you, where do you get inspiration for your art and crafts. They will love to take a look at what you do on your vacations, make them feel they are important for you and you want to share your good moments with them too.

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Relax, relax, your business is still there, enjoy your vacations and then you will be back to your business with more energy and lots of good memories!.

set your online business for vacations


4 thoughts on “Your Online Business And Summer

  • July 29, 2017 at 1:38 am

    This is really cool. Its hard enough trying to start your own online business, but its even harder trying to manage your time. You want to grow your business as much as you can but you also need time to yourself to relax and recover. So it can be a challenge trying to find the balance. I kind of new to online marketing, so i’m still trying to learn the ropes. Do you have any recommendations or tips? Great article, definitely sharing this on facebook.

  • July 29, 2017 at 11:26 am

    This is actually something I never think of- taking a vacation. I have been suggested this many times by my family and friends but honestly, money is very tight in an online business to take vacations in the beginning.
    I really find it difficult to leave my work and go on a vacation and then worry about the internet connection there!

  • July 29, 2017 at 2:56 pm

    Thanks for this, I guess the key message here is one of time management and some of your tips are excellent.

    As simple as marking a calendar – sounds so simple, but I for one don’t do this and it shows that lack of discipline you are getting at here.

    I also love the tips about scheduling posts and social media engagement whilst on vacation, I didn’t know you could do that, so will go investigate now as I would like some real time off and this would help massively.

    Lots to think about here, thanks very much for this article.

    Do you have any suggestions on good apps for the smart phone that would help in calendar management?

  • July 30, 2017 at 2:22 am

    You are right. I am a blogger. I always worry about my website when I have vocations. I worry something like not having time to check emails and update posts.

    You have made a very good suggestion. I can schedule my posts and shoot it out when I am driving. It is a very idea.

    Then, may I ask what the best response time to comments is? I am always struggling with this. Thanks.


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